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Where can one purchase a copy of the video game Call of Duty?


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One can purchase a copy of the video game Call of Duty from stores like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Kmart, and GameStop. You can even buy this video game online from these stores.

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The popular first-person-shooter video game, Call of Duty, can be purchased for the Sony PlayStation 2 from GameStop. If a used copy will be acceptable, eBay has this game available.

You can purchase a copy of the video game Crysis at a video game store or purchase it online.

What do you mean by "copy" ?

A Brand new copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops usually runs for $60. A used copy from say Gamestop, is about $30-40

If you want to play games like Call of Duty on your PC, you must PURCHASE a LEGAL copy of the game and play it on the PC

Yes, but only if it's a hard copy. You cant resell a digital copy

yes it is i should know i have a copy myself.

You can get your copy of 'Call of Duty' for the PSP at your local game retailer shop. You can also find it online at for example Amazon or other online game stores.

There are several sites you can go to download Call of Duty 2 for the PS3 including Game Stop, Play Station Network, and Best Buy. These sites also have ad ons for the game available for purchase and digital download.

no it dinint it may have the same games like call of duty and sonic and stuff but no it dinint copy wii

I brought a new copy for PS3 for $30

There are several websites that allow you to download a full legal copy of Call of Duty 2. Some of them are download, or simply call-of-duty-2. You can access the internet to find many different sites that you can choose from.

no unless you go to a disc converting store

You can purchase a copy in almost any video game store.

Violent video games have a negative impact on the mind's of children, and teens. Generally, the viewer of the video game will have an urge to follow of copy what is happening in the video game. People are advised to follow the gereral ratings of the game (suggested by professionals). MW3, and Call of Duty are poor examples of violent video games. Both are rated M.

There are many places one might go to purchase Video Wire. In addition to the official retailer's website, one might also be able to obtain a discounted copy on Amazon.

There are a number of retailers from whom one could purchase used games including Amazon Marketplace and eBay. Other options are GameStop and Zapper amongst others.

Yes there is a Call of Duty 4 for the PS3, depending on where you live, go head on down to your local game store. (e.g. Thunder Bay - EB Games) You'll probably be able to find a cheap used/new copy of Call of Duty 4 for your PS3.

you could probably pick up a cheap copy on eBay or amazon.

I got a new copy for only $15 at amazon in December 2010. Not on sale any more, but will be again

Yes... and no. Infinityward had created the call of duty series treyarch has to copy and try to improve the work that infinityward does. In terms of realism clearly infinityward shows realism more than treyarch. Treyarch works to make call of duty more video game like with nazi zombies and story but infinityward keeps the realism.

Halo kicks the crap out of CoD. Call of Duty sucks a big hairy one compared to the greatest game ever, Halo. So to answer your question, you should just burn your copy of Call of Duty and play halo for ever because its amazing. That will be all.

You can copy the 'Embed' code that is under the video :)

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