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There are many retailers that carry king size down comforters. Some of the online retailers include Macy's, Overstock, Kohl's, TheCompanyStore, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

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Q: Where can one purchase a king size down comforter?
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Where can someone purchase a King size comforter?

Someone can purchase a King sized comforter from a local mattress store that sells comforters of this size, as well as possibly from a local furniture store.

What is a mini comforter set?

Mini Comforter Set are smaller in size than the normal Comforter Set or King Size Comforter. Mini Comforter cost is low comparison to King size comforter sets.

What is the size in inches of a king size comforter set?

The official standard size for a King comforter is 110x96 inches. They do not make a larger size for the California King comforter, this is the largest size made.

What size is a king comforter?


How many meters is a King Size Down Comforter?

108" wide by 94" long

How much does a white, king size down comforter cost through

The price for a white, king size down comforter varies, especially based on thread count. But expect anywhere from about $40 to $200 for the higher thread count options. Prices on can vary widely depending on not only what is in stock, but also the desired quality level of the comforter. Typically, a king size down comforter will come in under $100 with the lowest price one currently at $42.99 and the highest at $202.99.

Where can someone purchase king size comforter sets online?

King Linen is a great source for buying a king size comforter set. Free shipping is provided on orders over $49. There is also a wide range of other products such as quilts, blankets, and bedding ensembles.

What is the size of full down comforter?

Depends on what size of bed it's intended for, e.g., twin, full, queen, king.

What is the measurement of king size comforter?

There are several variants in standard comforter sizes depending on what part of the world you live in. According to North American standards, a king size comforter is 112" by 106".

Is it possible to purchase custom made king size comforter sets?

Custom-made King Size comforter sets can be found at the Big Bed Company. It is also possible to find unique and interesting bedding sets on Etsy, however, customizable products are often more expensive.

Does a king comforter fit on a full size mattress?

all it means is that the comforter hangs over

What size comforter fits a cal king mattress?

A California king comforter ranges in size but is roughly 104 inches wide x 98 inches long.