Where can one purchase a portable ice fishing cabin?


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A portable ice fishing cabin is available in many online stores. In addition, you may find a portable ice fishing cabin at Dick's Sporting Goods, or at a Bass Pro Shop.

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The best place to purchase ice fishing poles would be bass pro dot com. They have a wide variety of ice fishing poles to suit any needs, and they are at reasonable prices.

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For the first time ice fisher there are a few must have purchases. First, they will need a ice auger, which is used for drilling a hole in the ice. Though they come powered, a manual one is usually best for beginners. You will also want to purchase a ice scoop, used to scoop out that hole they just drilled. Don't forget to purchase a tip up and jig pole. The tip up is used to place over the drilled hole, and the jig pole is basically a miniature version of a standard fishing pole. You may also consider depth finders, specialized ice fishing chairs, special bobbers, and ice fishing hooks. Most importantly, don't forget the ice fishing license, which varies by state, and a good ice fishing for beginners manual. There are several items you need for going ice fishing. The basics include, Vexilar/Fish Finder, Ice Fishing Shelter, Propane heater, Spud bar, Camera, Ice cleats, Ice Anchoring System, Small flashlight., Lantern, Matches or Lighter, Tip-ups-preferably the freeze-free type, Leaders for tip-ups, Quick

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Yes. Ice fishing is a very popular sport in areas with a cold climate. Holes are drilled in the ice with an auger (either manual or gas powered) and fishing is undertaken with either an (i) ice fishing rod or (ii) a tip up. Some people like the comfort of a hut or a clam shell (a type of tent).

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