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With a wrench, some other tools, and a lot of patience! You also take your bike to a bike shop, like Bike Ahead, to have the accessories assembled for you. Companies that sell bike accessories, and bike supplies, will frequently help with bike accoutrement assembly.

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That would depend on the design. The battery operated ones always come with their own mounting brackets, which for a front light usually is meant to go on the handle bar and for a rear usually the seat post.

There'll be some bracketry and an instruction in the package when you buy one, don't worry.

Generator mounted ones are more difficult, as you have to hook up the electrics too. But again, if you bought new there'll be instructions in the box.

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If the bicycle is intended for fenders it'll have the appropriate holes already drilled and tapped in the frame, near the dropouts(=the wheel lugs) and by the brake bridge, bottom bracket and the fork crown.

The fenders should come with a small bag of nuts, bolts and brackets which would allow you to bolt the fenders to the bike. Usually you'll have to trim the length of the stays for the fenders after assembly.

If you have a front rim brake, the bolt for the brake is often used as an anchor point for the fender. Make sure you get the bolt back on properly so that you don't lose the brake.

If your bike isn't intended for fenders you can usually get by by buying something called P-clamps from the hardware store, and wrap them around the fork legs and seat stays to get some anchor points for the fenders.

The trickiest situation is if you have a race bike with very little clearance between the stays and the wheel, which might not leave enough room for a fender. There are special fenders(race blades is one brand name) which doesn't intrude through here for those cases.

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One can purchase bicycle accessories on many websites online. Amazon sells a wide collection of bicycle accessories and most of them are eligible for free shipping.

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Q: Where can one purchase bicycle accessories?
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