Where can one purchase identity theft insurance?

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One can purchase identity theft insurance from a range of different insurance companies. Three of the companies that accommodate this insurance are Geico, StateFarm and Nationwide.

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Q: Where can one purchase identity theft insurance?
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Who offers Identity Theft Insurance in the great lakes area?

Many insurance companies offer this. One such insurance company that offers identity theft insurance is Great Lakes Insurance Associates (

Who offers the best insurance for ID theft protection?

"LifeLock is a great program that offers insurance for ID theft protection. They guarantee $100,000 coverage. Identity Guard is another company that offers great insurance for identity theft, they guarantee one million dollars coverage."

What is the top resource for identity theft?

One of the top resources for identity theft is Experian. Experian offers many services to it's clients which include insurance protection on phones and other products.

What is the number one crime in America?

Theft Identity Theft is the Number One crime in America. Identity Theft is also the most lucrative and fastest growing crime.

Where can one apply for theft insurance?

To apply for theft insurance you can go to an insurance company and ask for their theft insurance policies. An associate will go over the options and find the one that works for you.

Where would I find information about the Insurance coverage on new laptops; does one have to purchase additional laptop insurance to cover against accidents and theft?

The best place to look into laptop insurance is at the time of purchase. There you can probably learn about warranties and extended warranties that can help protect your laptop from theft and damage.

Where can I purchase identity theft protection online?

There are several websites where identity theft protection is offered as free software to download. But how do you choose just one when any of them could also install a virus on your computer that is difficult to get rid of? Go to trusted sites such as or the government upheld website for the best identity theft options and tips.

Is identity theft one word?

LifeLock provides a proactive identity theft service, specializing in the prevention of identity theft rather than the reporting of it. 1 in 4 people have experienced identity theft, protect your's with LifeLock, backed with a $1 Million Service Guarantee

Where can someone find news on FTC identity theft?

Someone can find news on FTC identity theft via the 'Identity Theft Network' website. One can also find news on this subject from the 'Federal Trade Commission'.

Where can one find identity theft statistics?

There are many websites offering information on identity theft statistics. However, most of these websites are also selling an identity theft protection plan. For an unbiased view of statistics check out the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) they have an area devoted identity theft statistics.

How can one prevent computer identity theft?

One way to prevent identity theft is by using a firewall that will prevent others from using your internet connection to get in your system. Another popular way of preventing identity theft is by using an Anti-Malware software to prevent or detect malicious programmes.

Why is identity theft so common?

Identity theft is so common because thieves see a way to gain a lot once they have gained personal information of an individual. Identity theft usually happens in bunches and not just to one person.

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