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I would go on the brand Web site and input the model.

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What kind of head pressure would you experience if the condenser fan motor became inoperative

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Hole in your transition betweenfurnace an the evaporator will this cause the evaporator to freeze up

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Q: Where can parts for a window room air conditioner be found?
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Is there room air conditioner that doesn't need a window?

it should need window, forget it , because with out window,as you don't have month.

How much is a window air conditioner at a pawn shop?

How much for a GE room air conditioner?

Why is your window air conditioner shutting off power to the room and how do you keep it from doing this?

throw a clock out the window..... no wait wrong joke

What is considered a mobile air conditioner?

A mobile air conditioner, also called a portable air conditioner, is a smaller air conditioning unit ideal for places where a larger window unit is not feasible. The portable units can be moved from room to room, as they are a lot smaller than the window units and, therefore, portable.

How can window ac cool the room when fitted inside the room?

A window air conditioning unit placed in a windowless room ceases to be an air conditioner and instead becomes a dehumidifier, however, unless the condensed humidity (water) is removed from the room, it will simply be absorbed back into the room air as humidity.

How many BTU's do I need in a window air conditioner for a room that is 8 foot x 10 foot?

The smallest air conditioner you can find would be appropriate.You'll probably have to cut it on and off too.

Why is the humidity in the room when air conditioner is running?

Why is there humidity in the room when air conditioner is cooling? Room feels damp.

To what temperature can a window air conditioner cool your room?

It depends on the BTU of the air coditioner, the cubic footage of space in the room to be cooled, and the temperature and humidity in the room. Under best conditions, an standard air conditioner can only cool a room to the mid 60's. Any colder than this causes the evaporator to ice over, clogging the air flow into the room, which causes the temperature to rise, even though the air conditioner is still running.

Is it dangerous to put a air conditioner in a room with no windows what happens if you do does it work the same?

If you are running a window unit in a closed room, you will actually heat the room up. The unit needs to be able to "move" the heat to the outside air.

Can you have an air conditioner in a room without windows?

Certainly. The air conditioner though needs a place to dissipate the heat from the cooling coils, so best to exhaust it outdoors through a slot in the wall. These are usually done in a window for ease of installation.

Which heater is safest around pets and children?

The Amana 12000 BTU Energy Star Room Air Conditioner with 11260-BTU Heater is good because it is window mounted.

What do rac stand for?

Room Air Conditioner...........

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