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Q: Where can pictures of valuable rocks be found?
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Pictures of sedimentary rocks?

I found that http:/ has pics and information.

What is the most valeuble rock?

rocks are not so valuable since they can be found in volcanoes or underground.

Different kinds of rocks and its picture?

There are 3 main kinds of rocks. These 3 types of rocks are Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary and pictures can be found in books at your local library.

Are there pictures of igneous rocks?

There are lots of pictures of rocks. In order to find pictures you type "pictures of igneous rocks" into your search engine and click on the "images" tab to see them.

What are the most valuable rocks?

== == The most valuable rocks would be those partly comprised of the most valuable minerals such as gold, silver, and precious gemstones.

Why are rocks such a valuable natural resource?

Rocks are valuable natural resource because we use rocks for lots of things like cement and brick like those stuff

What are gemstones and why are they valuable?

gemstones are rocks and are valuable because people like them

What kind of gems can be found in the grand canyon?

It is illegal to take rocks or minerals from any national park. Valuable materials such as copper, asbestos, and uranium may be found.

Pictures of the different kinds of rocks?

Check the link below for pictures of rocks and rock types.

What do inclusions do?

Inclusions make diamonds, or valuable rocks, make them less valuable then they were.

What valuable information can an historian find in a building?


Why are metamorphic rocks considred valuable?


What are the rocks found in Hampi?

what rocks can be found in hampi

Where are extrusive rocks found?

where are egneos rocks found

Why are sedimentary rocks found everywhere on the earth?

They are not found everywhere, in some places metamorphic rocks are to be found and in other places igneous rocks are to be found.

Where can you find rocks?

Rocks are found almost everywhere. The igneous rocks are found near the surface of earth. Sedimentary rocks, like sand-stone are found embedded in the hills.

What resources or valuable things that benefit mankind are found there?

what resources (or valuable things that benefit mankind)are found there

What types of rocks are found in Seattle Washington?

There are many types of rocks that are found in Washington state. The most common ones found are sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks.

How old are rocks found in Apollo missions?

The moon rocks are older then the rocks found on earth.

How do people obtain these valuable resources found in the desert?

In a desert you can find copper, aloe vera, uranium, mineral zinc, and rocks. All of these things are harvested and obtained in different ways- aloe vera is harvested from the leaves of the aloe plant, where as uraniu, and copper can be found in various rocks above and below the ground.

What rocks are the most valuable mineral specimens?

The Alma Queen

Where rocks are usually found?

rocks are usally found on the groung or in it

Where can you find Pictures of rocks?

Google Images.

What rocks and minerals are found in glue?

Their are no rocks and minerals found in glue

What places can igneous rocks be found?

igneous rocks can be found anywhere