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The driver software for the HP Laserjet 2300 printer can be downloaded from the discs that come with the machine. If they aren't there or have been mislaid, then one can download the drivers, and any updates, direct from the download center on the HP website.

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If you bought a printer from an individual with no software can you still use the printer?

yes if it is 9 pin dot matrix.. use epson compatible 9 pin printer driver.. if it is 24 pin dot matrix.. use epson compatible 24 pin printer driver.. or epson 2250 if it is laserjet.. use hp laserjet printer driver..

Printer and macs?

i have a hp deskjet and it works fine i lost my driver software and just downloaded it from the internet

What is a printer driver?

A printer driver is a piece of software that tells the operating system how to interact with the printer.

Where can i find Hp laserjet 4100mfp software driver and utilities?

Go to www.hp.com, on the top of the page is a search box. Type in "laserjet 4100mfp" and hit enter. The search results page will have 3 columns, the middle column will have a link to the LaserJet 4100mfp. When you click on it the search results page will change and in the middle column again is the link for software and driver downloads. The only other way to get software for this printer is to call HP and have them send you a CD.

Does a printer driver reside on the computer or the printer?

The printer driver resides on the computer. It is the software that tells the computer how to talk to the printer.

What is a system printer driver?

it is the software necessary for the printer to operate .

Is th HP LaserJet P1007 printer compatible with Linux?

Yes. It is supported by the foo2xqx driver.

What are the two hardware components in a windows printing architecture?

Printer Server and the Printer DriverPrint Server and the Print Device. The printer driver is software based.

Where can one purchase a hp laserjet 1012 driver?

Hp laserjet 1012 drivers can be downloaded on the Hp website. Most printers will come with a disk that include the drivers. Should one need an updated driver, Hp has a listing of all drivers for their products.

Are a driver and software the same?

Yes, the driver is a software that allows computer and a device (e.g. printer) to communicate together and work properly.

Hp 8500 paper jam error but there is no jam how to resolve?

1) Unistall printer. 2) Download and re-install printer software and driver. 3) Download any update to the software and/or driver.

Could you inform me about printer software?

I located a site that will provide printer driver collection of different printer software choices: www.driverguide.com/ If I knew the make and model of printer the customer had, then the results would be more specific.

Where can one purchase a HP LaserJet 1010 driver?

HP LaserJet drivers for the 1010 and other printers and devices can be downloaded for free directly from the HP website. Drivers are required to operate printers and their updates are free to do so.

How do you install the Kyocera Fs-720 printer driver on windows 8 64bit?

Installing the KyoceraFs-720 printer driver on windows 8 64 bit, requires downloading the driver or using the disc that came with the printer. After it is downloaded, clicking on the EXE file, will install it.

How driver is different from system and application software?

A driver is a piece of software that interfaces with a device, such as a printer, and the Operating System, so that the OS can "talk" to the device.

Which type of software needs to be loaded onto a computer before a printer will work?

In most cases - nothing. Windows automatically recognises a wide range of printers. However - on some occasions, you might need driver software - usually supplied with the printer. Windows 8 recognised my printer without the need for driver software to be installed.

What are peices of software that allow an operating system to communicate with peripheral devices?

A single example is that a printer driver is a small piece of software that allows a computer to use a printer.

How do you connect a printer - no driver CD?

Go to the manufacturers website and download the software.

How do you connect a HP LaserJet 1012 printer to a laptop running Vista 32bit?

you can connect any HP Printer from any Laptop by downloading printer driver and though the cable, if you face any problem then you should contact at:44-808-280-2972

How Does a Printer Driver Do?

One of the important things to running a printer is not actually the printer itself. It is a software application often referred to as the printer driver. The printer driver is in fact the piece of software that allows a printer to communicate with a computer. Without the driver, the computer will not be able to send printing instructions to the printer. This driver software acts as an intermediary. When you press print on a program on your computer, it is the driver that is able to convert this information into a format that the printer is able to understand. The printer then receives this information from the driver through a link between the printer and computer either via a physical wire or through a network. It then prints the pages as instructed. A printer driver, however, will not work for every single computer-printer setup. All different brands and models of printers have their own specific driver software that is usually incompatible with other printers. In fact, most printer drivers use specific computer languages to prevent them from working with other brands. Each driver is also operating system specific. For example, a driver designed for Windows will not work on a Mac. The printer driver will also perform functions other than converting data. It can give commands that determine how the printer operates. For example, a driver can help set a printer�s margins, determine pagination, and complete a number of other tasks that allow a printer to operate as expected. The driver will also likely be designed to deliver messages from the printer back to the computer. For example, if the level of ink in the printer�s cartridges is low, the driver will allow the printer to alert the user of that computer of that fact. The driver should also be able to alert that user or any errors that occur during the printing process. Despite the incompatibility of printer drivers with printers they were not designed for, many operating systems such as Windows come with a number of printer drivers from different manufactures preinstalled. If one hooks up a printer related to one of theses drivers, that user should be able to start printing right away without having to install any new software.

Why printer queue and priter driver are required?

A printer driver is a bit of software that instructs a printer how to work. Without such a driver, the printer may not work, or print rubbish. A print queue forms when a print job is sent to the printer that is already printing. Once the first print job has been completed, the second print job is then printed.

How do I fix garbled print jobs?

The fix is almost always to install the correct printer driver software (if you can find it). Sometimes when you connect a new Plug and Play compatible printer that the OS does not know (e.g. the printer is a newly introduced model and you have an older computer and OS) the OS will pick either a "generic printer driver" or a printer driver for an older "similar" printer. Such printer drivers may not in fact be compatible with the new printer and garble the printing. Hopefully the printer came with a printer driver installation CD or DVD, or the manufacturer's website provides downloads of their latest printer drivers for the printer.

They bought you a canon printer and it did not come with a CD Rom you want to know how to download it so that you can use your printer?

look on the www.canon.com website under support & drivers section. you should be able to do a search for the printer model you require and select which windows version you are using and download the correct driver. plug the power and usb cables into the printer and computer and then you can run the software you downloaded. more than likely, the computer will find the printer automatically when you plug all the cables in, then you can tell the computer when it asks where you saved the download and the software will install.

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