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Here is what FAQ Farmers had to say: * Boron is used in magnets. Try chemical supply houses. Boric acid is found in roach-proof type products at your local grocery store. * The common cleaning product Borax contains boron. Boric Acid is also used in Pressurized Water Nuclear Reactors in the U.S. to aid in controlling the nuclear reactions.

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Q: Where can the element boron be found?
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Is there an interesting fact about the element boron?

How about this: Boron is never found as a free element on Earth.

The element found in group 13 and in period 2 is?

This element is boron (B).

Which element is found in period 2 and group 13?

Boron is found in period 2 and group 13.It has atomic number of 13.

Is an essential element which not found in the atmosphere?

the potassium,iron,boron,chlorine are the essential element which not found in the atmosphere.

What element is found in period 2 and group 13?

Boron is the element. Its symbol is B.

Is boron an element or a compound?

boron is an element

How do you get the element of boron?

how is the element boron made?

What element is found in group IIIA and the second period?

It is Boron.

What element not found on earth has the lowest atomic number?

what is boron

Where can you find boron on earth?

Boron, as a trace element, can be found extensively in the environment. It can be found in the oceans, soils, plants and rocks. Food sources of boron can include green vegetables.

How is boron different then the materials found in it?

Boron is an element. No materials are found in it. Unless you count protons neutrons and electrons, but they aren't really materials.

Is the element boron synthetic?

Boron is a natural chemical element.

Is boron an ion?

Boron is an element.

What country was boron the element discovered?

The element Boron was discovered in Paris.

What element is hard black and shiny?

The chemical element that is hard, black, and shiny is boron. Boron is a metalloid found in Group 13, and it has the atomic number of 5 on the periodic table.

When was the element boron named boron?

boron was named boron because of the properties it has

What year was boron found in?

Boron has been used in China since 300AD. But it was discovered as an element in 1824 by Jöns Jakob Berzelius

What element is element B?

Chemical symbol B represents the element Boron. Boron is a p block element.

Is boron an element compound or mixture?

Boron is element #5 in the periodic table.

What is the symbol for the element boron?

Boron (B).

What is boron formula of a compound?

Boron is an element.

Boron is and example of what?

Boron is a chemical element.

What is a catchy slogan for the element boron?

boron ba ba boron be the boron ba ba boron!

What atoms are in boron?

Boron is an element and therefore contains boron atoms.

Is boron a compound or an element?

It is an element.