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Where can the element boron be found?


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Here is what FAQ Farmers had to say: * Boron is used in magnets. Try chemical supply houses. Boric acid is found in roach-proof type products at your local grocery store. * The common cleaning product Borax contains boron. Boric Acid is also used in Pressurized Water Nuclear Reactors in the U.S. to aid in controlling the nuclear reactions.


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How about this: Boron is never found as a free element on Earth.

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Boron is found in period 2 and group 13.It has atomic number of 13.

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the potassium,iron,boron,chlorine are the essential element which not found in the atmosphere.

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Boron is found in period 2 and group 13.Boron is a metalloid with atomic number 5.It is produced entirely by cosmic rays.

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