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You can go online to any University that has a Health Services program and request information. Depending upon your location, many colleges will schedule a tour and give you information about Physician Assistant programs.

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Where can I go to get a Physician Assistant Certification?

You can find classes to obtain a Physician Assistant Certification at your local community college or private college. Both offer all the courses you will need to be successful in this goal.

Where can I find a class in California to help me become a physician assistant?

Many local colleges and universities offer physician assistant training. Research schools in your area offering classes to become a certified physician assistant. There are a number of accredited programs in California that can help you become a physician assistant. Among these places, include the UC Davis School of Medicine, California Academy of Physician Assistants, and the USC Primary Care Physician Assistant Program.

Where can I find more information about online schools for dental assistants?

There are many schools that offer classes online and I'm sure they offer classes for becoming a dental assistant. You can ask some counselors and your local community college about them and they will be able to help you.

How can you find more information about PA jobs in London?

There are many places one might go to find more information about Physician Assistant jobs in London. In addition to the local employment offices, one might also try the Monster website.

How bookkeeping and banking affect the position of medical assistant?

Bookkeeping and banking do not affect the position of medical assistant. one can find this information by asking a local medical assistant or a bookkeeper.

What classes do i need to take to become a medical assistant?

Most schools have students undergo basic math and medicine calculation classes as well as CPR training, health aide, communication and so much more. You can freely ask any local college for more information about their programs.

How can I find out about the nursing assistant test?

You can find information about nursing assistant tests by calling your local college that offers the course or check out the following website for more information....https://www.ncnar.org/ncna.html

Is a PA a real doctor?

No. A Physician Assistant has been trained to do much of work a doctor does, but a doctor knows more than a physician assistant does. Physician Assistants are used to enable a physician to see more patients. The physician tells the physician assistant how he wants certain cases handled, and the physician assistant sees the patient. When the physician assistant is not sure how to handle something, s/he will discuss the case with the doctor. This way, the physician can help more patients than s/he would normally be able to see. Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners are "physician extenders". They are also known as "mid-level health-care providers". In some situations, mid-level providers work independently of physicians. For example, many of the so-called "minute clinics" in Wal-Mart and shopping malls are staffed by nurse practitioners. Mid-levels who do not work under the supervision of a physician are there to treat patients who have problems which are not too complex, and not too life-threatening. Since they do not have a physician to ask if they come across something they don't know about, they simply refer such patients to a local physician or emergency room.

Where can I find more information on drama classes for children ?

You can often find classes at your local Performing Arts Centers but if you are just seeking information you can start here: http://www.dramakids.com/x_index.php

Can I take classes for becoming a CNA at a local community college?

yes you can definately take classes for becoming CNA at a local community colleges. For information on specifics, you can contact your State Nurse Aide .the best option for training is to attend CNA classes at a local community college or become

Where can I find more information about nutrition science degree?

You can go to your local college adviser who can give you information to earn a nutrition science degree. usually this involves science classes and nutrition classes.

Where could I get information about pharmacy tech classes?

The best place to find about about pharmacy tech classes in your local area is your local community college. Most community colleges offer programs in this field and can get you started.

Where can one find information about emergency services?

You can find information about emergency services by visiting your local health care office. Your family physician would be able to provide this information for you.

How long are CNA classes?

Certified Nursing Assistant classes can vary from weeks to a few months depending on the facility providing the program and how good or thorough the program is. Check with your local college or with your state certification board.

What is a good source to obtain information for online GED classes?

Your local education authority can direct you to local or online GED classes that are recognised by the state. Some sites are not state recognised so check into their reputation

Where can we find information about local ultrasound technician classes?

You can try looking up the websites of colleges and universities in your area, and seeing if they offer any classes for aspiring ultrasound technicians. You can also ask at your local hospital.

Where can I find Healthy eating recipes?

You can find a deluge of information for healthy eating habits and recipes at you local book store and online. Another good source of information can be obtained from your physician and local nurtrition stores.

Where can I get more information on prostate health?

You can get more information on prostate health from your local physician. You can call up your doctor and ask him/her. You can also find info. on the computer.

What do I need to do to get my physician assistant license?

Each state has different regulations in certifying individuals as physicians assistants. Check with your local government to find out what would be required of you to obtain your liscence.

Where can one find Wool Roving classes in Canada?

There are a number of places where one can find wool roving classes in Canada. Classes and workshops are commonly advertised in local newspapers or online on websites such as Craigslist. Local craft or yarn stores may offer roving classes or may have more information on where they can be found.

Where can one find more information about guided mindfulness meditation?

One could find more information about guided midfulness at there local libray or book store. Also local newspapers may have ads about classes or possibly you local gym.

Where can I get trading training?

You can get proper training by visit a local college, where they teach classes on stock trading. You can also visit anyone of the banks and get information on which classes they have for stock training.

How do I find information on bookkeeping employment?

Your local community college should have information about what kinds of classes are needed for a job in bookkeeping. Once you have the education you can find jobs in the local newspaper under accounting jobs.

Where can I find more information on acting drama classes ?

Often times you can find information on acting/drama classes through your local Performing Arts Center. You can also check out community theaters. This will be a good place to start.

What are the symptoms of scabies?

You can find information on scabies from various medical websites such as emedicinehealth, emedicine, and webmd. You can also visit your local physician.

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