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You can answer Poptropica questions in the "New questions" page that is found in the sidebar of any Poptropica page on WikiAnswers.

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Q: Where can you answer Poptropica questions?
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What are unanswered questions about Poptropica?

Simply unanswered questions about Poptropica.

How do you ask questions about poptropica on Frequently Asked Questions?

A person can ask questions about the frequently asked questions for Poptropica by emailing support. This is achieved by clicking "Support" at the bottom of the site.

Can you play Poptropica 2?

There is no such site as "Poptropica 2". (We have enough questions with just one!)

Where is the Poptropica category?

You can see all the answered questions about Poptropica by clicking on the blue category link "Poptropica" directly underneath the word "where" in the question above.The most researched and complete answers for Poptropica Islands will be for the questions that end with the island name, e.g. "on Spy island". Questions that end "in Poptropica" may have answers that confuse similar features (keys, doors) on different islands.For solution answers, see the related questions below.

What island is the jetpack on in Poptropica?

The jetpack is on Early Poptropica but it only works on that island. (see related questions)

How do you beat old Poptropica?

There is no "old Poptropica". The first island on the site was "Early Poptropica".(see related question)It's 'Early Poptropica' and there are solutions at the related questions below.

How do you sue Poptropica?

ok... go to and type in poptropica. it tells you stuff and questions like that. i sued dsi ware on that. why do you want to sue poptropica?

Misplaced reality TV?

(These will be sorted into the new Poptropica questions.)

Where is the girl in Poptropica?

There are several "girl" characters on Poptropica, so you would have to specify an island. (see the related questions)

How do you answer Poptropica questions on this website?

I find the quickest way is to just click "answer" at the top of any page, and search Poptropica.

Where are the papers on Poptropica?

There are papers and "pieces of paper" all over Poptropica. Likewise, the description of every room, ruin, tomb, or tunnel as a "cave" does not provide enough information to answer the questions. The related questions may answer these insufficient questions.

Where do you answer the questions on Poptropica?

Click on the category "Poptropica" just under the question above. This will take you to the category listing with all answered and unanswered questions. (island solutions are at the related question below)

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