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Pickles and lemons have a sour taste What types of substances are in pickles to give them this sour taste

Pickles comic strip the names of character

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Q: Where can you bu yrowats mixed pickles?
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Do you still make sweet mixed pickles?

Why, yes I do :)

What color does turquoise and brown make when mixed?

olive greenish

What is in tartar sauce?

Mayonnaise mixed with chopped onion, olives, pickles, and capers and served as a sauce with fish.

What is the accompaniment for cheese?

Almost anything can accompany cheese . My personal favourite is mixed pickles.

Why are alloys regarded as mixtures?

Alloys contain two or more solids, usually metals, that are mixed together evenly bu are not chemically bonded.

What is the brand of pickles that mcdonalds uses?

McDonalds manufactures it own pickles, but the style of pickles they use are dill pickles.

How long can pickles be open?

Pickles can be open for weeks! Acid in pickles kill germs and protect the pickles.

Why did your pickles shrivel and shrink after trying to make tobasco pickles?

Osmosis - the water in the pickles is drawn out to the saltier mixture that the pickles were immersed in, so the pickles shrink.

Are pickles fruity?

No, pickles are not fruity. Unless you have fruity pickles.

How did George Washington carver make peanuts?

He smashed the penuts(no shell)into butter he orgianily called it putter he mixed penuts and added pickles to the penuts in the butter he called it putter

A poem about sir Stanford raffles?

bu ci bu bu bu bu ci yeah i am bid boxing bi ch

When was Bu Bu Jing Xin created?

Bu Bu Jing Xin was created in 2005.

What kind of pickles does Subway use?

Dill pickles.

What is the collective noun for pickles?

There is no standard collective noun for 'pickles', in which case a noun suitable for the situation can be used, for example, a jar of pickles, a barrel of pickles, a pint of pickles, etc.

Did Romans eat pickles?

Yes, they porbably did, if they had pickles. But they wouldn't have been fancy pickles like dill pickles or other stuff.

Are pickles good to eat?

That is a question that is entirely dependent on personal preference. The "pickling" process usually refers to a combination of herbs and spices combined with an acidic liquid, usually vinegar, that preserves the food. Most "pickles" are vegetables but many meats, like eggs, fish or sausage, can be pickled, as well. However, when Americans refer to "pickles" they are usually referring to pickled cucumbers. There are many types of pickles. Bread & Butter pickles will be sweet and sour. Regular pickles are just sour with lots of dill. Kosher pickles have garlic mixed in with the dill and some coriander (cilantro seeds). Some pickling spices also include different types of spicy peppers (black, white, red) as well. Personally, I prefer kosher dills over traditional, when I'm eating them by themselves. However, I like dill pickles on sandwiches and burgers for the added sour depth. Bread & Butter pickles can add a lot of flavor to a salad, like macaroni or potato.

When was Little Negro Bu-ci-bu created?

Little Negro Bu-ci-bu was created in 1927.

Does pickles have sugar in them?

It depends on the brand and the type of pickles. Most pickles do contain sugar, but very little just to help preserve the pickles.

How many different types of pickles are there?

pickles may be broadly divided into 1. Sweet pickles 2. Sour pickles 3. Fermented pickles

What is the birth name of Christina Pickles?

Christina Pickles's birth name is Pickles, Christine.

What sound do whales make?

me bu bu u no no bu bu egg

How soda lime glass is made?

Bu the melting of sodium carbonate and silicon dioxide; some additives are also mixed. See the link below.

What does bu bu mean?

Bu bu is somthing that comes out of your ass so its left over food or bu bu also means you have a bu bu like that you hurt yourself.There ya happy? Too many phrases in the Chinese language that phonetically sound like that, can be name or incomplete part of sentence. Need context to reply further. 1 possible phrase is 步步 bu(4) bu(4) --> every step or step by step

Do pickles have cholesterol?

No. Pickles do not have cholesterol.

What does emacipation involve?

pickles pickles