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I was surprised to read about interest in the Bata Biker. About 25 years ago I worked for Bata Shoe Company. I was an active bicyclist then and wanted a shoe for cycling that didn't need the traditional cleats. My company humored me and let me design a biking shoe as long as it cost almost nothing to develop. I used an old running shoe last tlo make a trim shoe with a hard rubber sole insert to spread the pressure over the sole, the sole had a diamond pattern sole for pedal traction, rubber reinforcement on the upper, and a retail price of about $12.95. I did the testing and marketing of the shoe which I called Bata Biker. It sold like crazy through the bike trade. This was noticed by the other "Sneaker" manufacturers and soon was made by several companies. Bata wouldn't spend development money or actively market the shoe. The Bata biker died but Bike touring shoes became very popular. Bata has died in the US but the Biker lives on.

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