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Borders, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, And eBay are all good places to buy these books from.

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Is there a Charlie Bone movie?

No Jenny Nimmo says there wont be

What is the second Jenny Nimmo book Charlie Bone?

The second book in the series is Charlie Bone: and the time twister

Does Charlie Bone have book 9?

No. Jenny Nimmo said that Charlie Bone and the Red Knight (Book 8) will be the last in the series.

In the Charlie Bone books does billy get out of badlock?

Yes. Jenny Nimmo said that he will get out and that he will find a home.

When is Charlie Bone 9 coming out?

charlie bone 9 comes out on the 22 of December 2012 by the way i m jenny nimmo if you change this you may be wrong Goodbye

Will the Charlie Bone series continue?

Yes it will for at least 1-2 more books! Sincerly, Jenny Nimmo

How many book did nimmo jenny all the books?

What???? If you are asking how many books are in the Charlie Bone Series, eight.

When does charlie bone 9 come out?

There will be no ninth Charlie Book. Jenny Nimmo plans to end it with Charlie Bone and the Red Knight. the red night should be coming out on the 7th September 2009 in the UK

Wil they have Charlie Bone 9?

No the 8th is the last one Jenny Nimmo said that she was writing a seris about the Red King

How many books has jenny nimmo written?

As for any book she's written not sure but there are 8 books in the Charlie Bone series

What books have Jenny Nimmo written?

She's written the Charlie Bone books, the snow spider trilogy, and many more. Check it out on google.

Which novel has the character Charlie Bone?

The character Charlie Bone is from the novel series titled Children and the Red King. They are fantasy school and adventure novels by Jenny Nimmo. The eight books were published from 2002 - 2009.

In the Jenny Nimmo book midnight for Charlie Bone what's in the case?

Finish the book!! Once you do that you see it is the sounds that will make Emma tolly unhypnotised

Will they have A Midnight for Charlie Bone Movie?

Midnight for Charlie Bone is the first book in the Children of the Red King series of children's books by Jenny Nimmo. There are plans for it to be made into a major motion picture by Warner Brothers Pictures in 2007.

Do Charlie Bone and Olivia Vertigo get together?

Yes and No. Charlie Bone and Olivia Vertigo don't fall in love in the book. But, Jenny Nimmo has stated that they fall in love after the series is over. Charlie has always had a crush on Olivia. They eventually marry much later and have children.

What color are Tancred Torsson's eyes?

Tancred Torsson's eyes are blue -As seen in the eighth b Charlie Bone book (Charlie Bone and the Red Knight) Mr. Ominous sees Tancred's eyes and Jenny Nimmo says that they are bright and blue.

Does charlie bone like Olivia vertigo?

yes he does. It is not proven that Olivia has feeligs for charlie too until after the series. Jenny Nimmo said that they do fall in love. Just like Harry and Ginny. Just like Percy and Annabeth.

When does Charlie Bone book 9 come out in the US?

There isn't going to be a book 9 ANYWHERE. Jenni Nimmo has only written 8 Charlie Bone books. Midnight for Charlie Bone Charlie and the time twister Charlie Bone and the Blue Boa Charlie Bone and the castle of Mirrors Charlie bone and the hidden king Charlie Bone and the beast Charlie Bone and the shadow of badlock and Charlie bone and the red knight

Is Charlie Bone and the Red Knight the final book out?

Yes, Charlie Bone and the Red Knight is the last book but if you go to 'Ask Jenny' on www.charlie-bone.com then one of the questions is can I know more about Emma Tolly and Jenny Nimmo wrote I might one day write about Emma Tolly or any of the other 'Good Guy' when they are young adults!

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