Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

Where can you buy Diamond Version?

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You can buy Pokemon Diamond version at your local electronics store in the Video Game section.

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Where can you buy Diamond version Pokemon?

You can buy Pokemon Diamond at EB games and Game. Any game shop.

How do you get Pokemon diamond version on your PC?

You can't, you need to buy the game for Nintendo ds or ds lite.

Where do you send your Pokemon diamond version when its broken?

You throw it away and buy another. If it is broken it cannot be fixed

How do you catch a latios in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't possibly catch latios in Pokemon diamond although you may get it there by using your ruby version if you have one to import it to your diamond. another way is to buy an action replay and cheat

Who is a pro in Pokemon diamond version?

I dont have pokemon diamond

How do you get the cave on iron island in Pokemon diamond?

You can't get to it on Diamond Version. Only on Platinum Version. It isn't on Diamond Version. Plus, you have to have a special Regigas from Mystery Gift that they don't distribute anymore. Owen

How do you get firmware for Pokemon diamond and platinum version?

if you have the wii game battle revolution you can buy stuff and with the action replay code 44000000 6730000 62100000 you can transfer it to platinum or diamond or pearl

How can you trade Pokemon from diamond version to diamond version?

using two ds consoles and two diamond games on them. <[his]. [mine]> i hate it it takes all your money.

How do you connect Pokemon Diamond to Pokemon sapphire?

you need to have the sapphire version in the gameboy slot and the diamond version in the other slot

How do you migrate Pokemon to Diamond version?

If you have the Pokemon Diamond Version booklet go to the content page and look up how to migrate .

How does riolu learn aura sphere in Pokemon Diamond version?

How does riolu learn aura sphere in pokemon diamond version?

How you can get tepig in diamond version?

Sorry, you can not get tepig in pokemon diamond version because diamond is a 4th generation game and tepig is a 5th generation pokemon. Get black/white!

Can diamond version and sapphire version trade Pokemon?

i don't think so since sapphire is a game-boy version and diamond is nintedo ds version but since sapphire is a game-boy version you can migrate Pokemon from there.

Can you buy berries in Pokemon Diamond?

No, you can't buy berries in Pokémon Diamond.

How do you get a eeve on diamond version?

I think the best way to get an Eevee in Pokemon Diamond version is to find one in Trophy Garden and capture it from there.

Where can you download Pokemon Diamond and Pearl episodes in English version?

You can't download Pokemon episodes, it's illegal.Better, you must buy it. :)

HOW do you get larvitar in diamond version?

you go on route 207 they really rare but trust me You could do that but you could get an action replay or buy a ds i cheat

How do you get Pokemon on lvX in diamond?

u can't get a lvX Pokemon in diamond version

How many times does chimchar evolve in Pokemon Diamond version?

Chimchar evolves twice in Pokemon Diamond Version. From Chimchar to Monferno to Infernape.

Where can you find a slowbro that is wild in Pokemon diamond?

You cannot catch a slowpoke,slowbro or slowking on diamond version. You can on Pokemon pearl version though.

Can you travel to the Hoenn Region in Pokemon Diamond Version and Pearl Version?

No Way. There is no possible way in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl or Pokemon Platinum.

What version is the combination of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Generation 4. But there's only been one version of Diamond and Pearl so far.

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