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Where can you buy Duchesse de Bourgogne?


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I used to be able to find it at my local ABC Liquor store. They have discontinued it since then, but they said you can place a specialty order with them and they will get it for you. Just search around a bit and call some places about this.

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It means what are the job offers in Bourgogne France. Note: Bourgogne is a departement in France (centre of France);eg Auxerre is in the departement of Bourgogne. Hope that will help Stephane Amoa

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Duchesse d'Aiguillon died in 1675.

Duchesse d'Aiguillon was born in 1604.

Claude de France, Duchesse de Bretagne was the Queen of France and the wife of Francis I of France in 1530.

Centre, Bourgogne, Champagne Ardennes, Picardie, Normandy

The best way to go is to get the british airways plane to bourgogne airport

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My last name is De Dios and my family comes from San Jose De Avila, in Mexico.The website listed below as a Related Link shows the earliest records to be of French origin, in the region of Bourgogne.

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