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Andrew Jackson was a Prisoner of War as a very young man and Winston Churchill became a prisoner during the Boer War at the age of 25.

John McCain was a POW during Vietnam as well, and he's given several very powerful and detailed interviews of his experience. It's definitely worth investigating if you're looking for more information.

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  • Fouquet
  • Voltaire
  • Marquis de Sade
  • Claude de Bourdeille, comte de Montrésor
  • René Auguste Constantin de Renneville
  • Charles de Valois, Duke of Angoulême
  • Hugues Aubriot
  • Louis François Armand du Plessis, duc de Richelieu
  • Pierre François de Rigaud, Marquis de Vaudreuil-Cavagnal
  • Marguerite De Launay, Baronne Staal
  • Giuseppe Marco Fieschi
  • James Douglas, 4th Earl of Morton
  • Louis Pierre Manuel
  • François Henri de Montmorency-Bouteville, duc de Luxembourg
  • Antoine Nompar de Caumont
  • François de La Rochefoucauld
  • François de Bassompierre
  • André Morellet
  • Jacques Pierre Brissot
  • Charles François Dumouriez
  • Roger de Rabutin, Comte de Bussy
  • John Vanbrugh
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Q: Who are some famous prisoners of Bastille?
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What happened after the fall of the Bastille?

The people stormed the Bastille killing 7 people and took weapons to arm themselves against the King. There was a rumor that the King was going to kill all of them.The Cardinal of Richelieu created the Bastille as a prison for nobles and famous people. (i.e. the man in the iron mask, Voltaire, the marquis de Sade). These prisoners were sentence there by king's letters without any other trial. Usually it was because they displeased the king.But at the time of the Revolution, the prison for nobles was no more and the decision has been taken to close it.On the 14th of July 1789 there were only 7 prisoners left (1 crazy, 2 lunatics and 4 cons). The people of the Revolution actually stormed the Bastille to take possession of the 13,600kg of gunpowder that were stored in it.However, the storming of the Bastille remains as the symbol of the fall of tyranny. On this day the monarchy ended and the Revolution started.It's now the national day for France.

What day did the Bastille get destroyed?

The Bastille was stormed on the 14th July 1789, this along with the Tennis Court Oath is generally thought to be the start of the French Revolution.

What are facts about the storming of the Bastille and the Tennis Court Oath?

This was a very dramatic event and a lot of people got killed. There are no "fun" facts to be mentioned. -- Answer-- 1. The Bastille was both and amoury and a prison for upper class political prisoners.. 2. Most of the prison guards were retired soldiers and not young men.. 3. There were only 8 prisoners on the day of the storming and all were released. 4. The French decided to storm the Bastile because they feared the King's soldiers would killed them and stop the uprise.. Remember the Bastile was an amoury and had guns and gun powder. 5. The Bastille did not have an source of water and only had enough food for two days. 6. The French people decided to destroy the Bastille however they didn't have machinery so they tore it down by hand.. *NOTE the Bastille was a huge keep (fort) with some stones bigger than a car

What are facts about the Bastille?

1. It was an armory. 2. It was a prison. 3. The storming of the Bastille started the French Revolution because the peasants seized the weapons stored in the Bastille and became an army and not just a mob.

Who built the Bastille?

Charles V built the bastille

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What is the seizure of Bastille?

The Seizure of the Bastille happened during the French Revolution. Basically, what happened was, the group of revolutionaries in France invaded a fort/prison in Paris known as the Bastille. They invaded it, killed all the guards, and released the prisoners. Some of the prisoners joined the revolutionaries to end the monarchy in France.

When were the seven prisoners of Bastille in the French Revolution imprisoned?

they were imprisoned about 25-30 years before Bastille day. 5 forgers and 2 mentally ill prisoners....lolololol

French fortress that served as a jail for political prisoners?


Who who was held prisoner in the Bastille?

Giovanni Maristica was held prisoner in the bastille. He was there for various murders he comitted

What event started the revolution?

It was the revolt to free the prisoners of Bastille a prison and a place where weapons were kept, weapons they used to continue on with revolution. They freed Bastille because the prisoners weren't given a fair trial.

What are the reasons of Bastille Day?

During the early stages of the French Revolution, the Parisians finally had enough of the French Monarchy and inequality. They attacked the Bastille (which was a famous prison, holding many political prisoners of the King, whose only crime was to disagree with the status quo) killing some of the guards, but eventually freeing many people. The Bastille Day is a reminder of the courage the people showed towards injustice and how they took action.

Who exactly was kept in the bastille?

Seven prisoners, 83 soldiers and 40 tons of gunpowder

Whom made independance day in france?

It is called Bastille Day and is celebrated when the Bastille was stormed to free,prisoners and it began the French Revolution on July 14, 1789.

What prison was taken over at the beginning of the French Revolution?

La Bastille. There were only seven prisoners in it.

What did the people of Paris want from the Bastille?

The storming of the Bastille was the mark of the fighting of the French Revolution. In the Bastille was many armaments and, although used as a prison, very few prisoners. So the main reason the storming of the Bastille occurred was to retrieve and/or destroy many of the armaments of the government troops.

What countries celebrate Bastille?

Other countries don't celebrate this very festive, the French celebrate their national day called Bastille Day. Bastille was actually a castle which a mob attacked in 1789, there were only half a dozen prisoners.

Why is the french National Holiday reffered to Bastille?

During that day the main prison, located on the "Bastille Square" was destroyed. This prison was used by kings to lock up political prisoners.