Where can you buy Salsa Doritos?

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I'm not sure what u mean, but if u mean does doritos, salsa, and cheese make nachos then it is a yes. Doritos, cheese, and salsa makes basic nachos. Although, most people don't use salsa on their nachos....

Yes, with nacho dip and doritos

Depends on the salsa, depends on your personal taste, depends on whether or not you like Cool Ranch Doritos.

Yes. In fact ranch doritos do suck. They taste reminiscent to dog poo. especially when dipped in salsa. BARF!! anyone who eats ranch doritos is a cotton headed ninny muggin.

you can't unless you smash it open sometimes the lid and glass become bonded

Mexico, down in Mexico

Chilli Heatwave, Cool Original, Cool Ranch, Salsa Verde, Tangy Cheese, Spicy Sweet Chilli, Jalapenjo Fire and many others are a few names of the Doritos brand chips.

Tostitos Chunky Salsa is made by the Frito Lay company. They also make various brands of Lays and Ruffles potato chips. Doritos is another brand which is made by the Frito Lay company.

popcornDoritosice creamoreoschips and salsapretzelscupcakeshot dogsHope this answer was helpful :)

I see them in many large grocery stores.

WalmartK-martBi-loDollar Tree

salsa/salsa/ salsa salsa salsa salsa

You can buy them at any Taco Bell restaurant. . . i have never had one but everyone sais they are absoulutyl delish!

what was the original flavor of doritos?

Doritos were patented in 1966.

Yes, the motto for Doritos is "FOR THE BOLD"

Yes. Doritos are fried in oil.

doritos were not supose to be made they were an acident

no be cost it just for xbox 360 and pc and you can not buy it on the disc

go buy a bad of doritos or mountain dew its not that hard

Frito and lays own Doritos

Moderation in all things, even Doritos...

The ticker symbol for doritos is

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