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There is quite a good selection of Harry Potter merchandise available on, especially different potion kits.

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How do you use a Harry Potter potions kit?

eating it yumyumyum

What did Hermionie give Harry for his birthday in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?

A Broomstick Servicing Kit.

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There is a contest going on in Poptropica: Create Your Own Dream Island! Poptopica players can submit their dream island with a downloadable or store bought kit. If one was to submit a Harry Potter Island and it was chosen as a winner, then yeah! So, yes, it's possible for there to be a Harry Potter Island! --- However, because of licensing and other considerations, only a few tie-ins to existing books and films are pursued. Creating a new, original premise for an island is probably a better idea.

What did Hermione get Harry for his thirteenth birthday?

Hermione gave Harry a broom servicing kit for his birthday.

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