Halloween Costumes

Witches, ghosts, bums...you'll see them all and more on Halloween. Whatever you want to dress up as, you'll need a costume. Whether you need ideas for what to dress up as, where to find costumes, or anything to do with Halloween costumes, this is the place to ask your questions and get your answers.

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What is your Halloween costume this year?

I'm dressing up as Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, my favorite video game!...
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At what age should you stop trick-or-treating?

some kids stop tricker treating at 12-16 butmost people stop at the age 18-19....
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What are some good Halloween costume ideas?

Here are some great costume ideas from Answers.com contributors. Traditional Halloween Costume Ideas: Angel Devil Fairy Ladybug Pirate Witch Ghost/Ghoul Spider Mummy Werewolf Zombie Robber/Bandit/Outlaw Black Cat Goblin or Gnome Scarecrow Bat Robot Clown Fairytale Characters, e.g Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, etc Superheroes Cartoon Characters Skeleton Vampire Flowers Bugs (bees, fireflies, lady bugs etc.) Pumpkin Puppy Rabbit 1/2 Devil 1/2 Angel Wizard Mouse Hippie Hobo Sports Player Sumo Wrestler Go-Go Girl Diner Girl Joker Baby Nerd Ninja Nurse Rocker Fairy Prince/Princess Superheroes Cat Cartoon Characters (Ex: Spongebob, Buzz Lightyear) Harry Potter Character Clown Bag of Jelly beans (use the plastic bag from the dry cleaners, fill with blown up balloons Pippi Longstocking Devil Ghost Skeleton Mummy Grim Reaper Contemporary Ideas, based on movies and current themes: Harry Potter Characters Characters from Narnia, e.g. Tumnus, a centaur Star Wars Characters Spiderman, Superman,...
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What is the average price for a Halloween costume?

The average price of a Halloween costume really depends on what type of costume you're thinking of and if it's for a child, man, or women. Some costumes can be very expensive (even homemade costumes if they're elaborate). They can cost $100 or more. But, I'd say the average cost of a costume is around $30. ...
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How do you make a recycled Halloween costume?

To make a recycled Halloween costume you could just use some of your normal clothes that you wear out, and just add anything else!! Hope this helped!! ...
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How do you make an annabeth Halloween costume?

Make an orange Camp Half-Blood T-shirt and wear it with a pair of jeans or jean shorts with tennis shoes. If you really wanted to, you could buy gray colored contacts and, if you don't already have blond hair, buy a wig. You could also carry a Yankees baseball cap around. Just some suggestions!and also you could get a toy bronze knife. Hope that helps! ...
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How does sport influence fashion?

Because peoples role models are people that play professional sports so people want to dress like them to be or represent them. ...
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What are some athletes that begin with the letter B?

First Name B: Babe Didrikson, 6x women's athlete of the year, golfer and other sports Ben Wallace, NBA player Bobby Orr, NHL player, retired Ben Rothesberger, NFL QB Brett Favre, NFL QB Babe Ruth, baseball legend Billie Jean King, 1970's tennis pro Bill Lambeer, NBA star (retired) Ben Hogan, professional golfer Bobby Jones, professional golfer Bob Cousy, NBA Celtics, known as "Houdini of the Hardwood" Bob Gibson, baseball HOF, 2x world series champion Bob Mathias, American decalthlete, 2x gold medal winner Bobby Hull, Canadian hockey player, considered greatest left winger of...
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What are some Halloween costume ideas for two preteen girls and a dog?

One could be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and the other could be the Scarecrow, Tin Man or Cowardly Lion. The dog, of course, would be Dorothy's dog, Toto. ...
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How do you make and attach wings to your body for a Halloween costume?

Buy wings at target. Sew them on to a shirt or jacket. Put on the shirt or jacket and you have your costume. ...
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A good halloween costume for 11 year old girls?

A ninja, yourself, devil, a pumpkin, a angel, SPARTA!!!, a motorcycle person, super hero ...
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What are Halloween costume ideas for 3 girls?

you could be the spice girls fanta girls
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What is the traditional clothing in Sri Lanka?

The traditional clothing of Sri Lanka is very interesting. Women (near the age of marrying or already married) normally wear a sari, also known as Kandyan Sari as traditional clothing. Sinhalese girls wear half saree, a cloth and jacket with a frill around shoulders. Tamil little girls wear pavadai sattai, which is pretty much a skirt with a design and a blouse. The aged Tamil girls (who have reached puberty) normally wear half sarre's which is like a saree but not fully,...
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What are some halloween costumes for 10 year old girls?

Some good costumes for 10 year old girls are: a ghost (made with a white sheet) corpse bride (from the movie Corpse Bride) an M & M a disco dancer Judy Jetson Wilma Flinstone Betty Rubble your favourite actress your favourite singer a bumble bee a princess a queen ...
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Where can you find a Deal or No Deal costume for Halloween?

Answer If you want the girl one then just buy a cut dress with a silver brief case and put a number on it. You can go to Halloween USA, and they have TONS, just tons of costumes, at a good deal price. ...
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What home Halloween costume can you make?

You can dress up as a hobo, just tear some of your drab clothes for an easy Halloween costume! ...
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Can christians wear Halloween costumes?

You can if you wish to do so.Some Christian churches frown on such an activity because they feel you are supporting evil, such as the devil and witchcraft. Such a logic is extremely absurd. I suppose everyone wearing an outfit of a burger or hot dog handing out flyers is doing so because they like the food, not because they need the money despite the ridicule they get for wearing such a costume? No.To say Halloween is a "devilish" holiday is...
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How does one make breasts for a Halloween costume?

Well, the easiest would be to wear a bra under the costume and stuff it with toilet paper or Kleenex or whatever to make it look full. ... if that doesn't work, and you want a customized look, you could also use paper-mache, which will allow a horror look or bizarre defects if you like, depending on how you shape the paper... and then paint it afterward to look appropriate. If you want ultra-realistic you could do a plastic mold filled...
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What is the most popular Halloween costume for teenagers?

A good Halloween costume for a teenage girl would be: a dead fairy or a zombie cheerleader mostly anything sorta dead that is so kewl. For a boy: Scream or anything scary. Remember you can trick or treat at any age your never to young for all the fantastic candy! ...