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Factory magazine for Marlin 80 DL $18 + $7 shipping at


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Glenfield was made by Marlin. Check with a local gun shop.

Where Can I Buy A Clip For A1966Enfield Rifle Where Can I Buy A Clip For A1966Enfield Rifle

They don't have clips. They have magazines. You can order them through Numrich.

I'd try Numrich at first.

Try Numrich Gun Parts Corp.They may be found on the web.

I have Been told that this gun is a copy of a marlin 80 and that clip Should fit it but this is just heresay

You have one of the variations of Marlin 1895 - the G, GS, S, Cowboy, or Guide Gun. The value depends on which model you have and who you can find to buy it. The prices run from $400 to $700.

K Mart did not make guns- they bought them from companies like Mossberg, Marlin, Remington, who marked them K Mart's brand and a model number. If you post the model number and all other markings here, we may be able to give you the parent make and model, and a source for a magazine, And a .22 Long is not a shotgun, it is a rifle. You can also take your rifle to a gunsmith, who can cross reference the store model number to the parent model.

You can't find them. What you can do is offer to buy my whole rifle which has a good bolt in it. I'll take a newer Marlin 981t as trade.

Most likely candidate for the maker of your rifle is Marlin, but there were a couple of different ejectors and extractors for those. You wil need to take this to a gunsmith.

Do a web search on "firearms suppressors"

You can buy parts for the 44us series at Havlin Sales

You cannot buy the Marlin 30 30 rifle for less than 350 US dollars in the United States.

Try, want ads, gun shows, gun shops, garage sales

try looking at gun shows. you will probably find several parts for it there call marlin them selves i just orderd two clips for my marlin 25 bolt at 12.50 each. if you buy two there is no shiping chage i takes about a week 1-800-544-8892

Numrich Gun parts corp.should be able to get fixed up.They may be found on the web.

If your Mdl 42 is a bolt action 22 rifle, it is a Marlin Mdl 80. There were 5 different trigger guards used at different times. Go to the wbsite for gunpartscorp, select M, then Marlin-Glenfield. Model 80, scroll down to part 78. Some of them are in stock.

Gun shops, gun shows, want ads, garage sales,, MidWay USA, Brownell's,e tc.

There are two options & for remakes. Prices are around $40 Old model magazine is before serial # 204048, new model after.

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