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in the garden shop or furniture

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Where do you uy the animals from on pet society?

YOU CANT BUY ANIMALS ON PET SOCIETY by citlalyYou actually can buy animals on Pet Society and you get them at the 'Outdoor' store. You then look at the bottom of the screen and click 'petlings' -iamsocrazy

How do you get playfish cash?

You can buy them at Walgreen's and you can buy them online from pet society

Where can you get a pettling on pet society?

You can buy them at the garden shop.

Where in pet society can you buy aquariums?

You can buy it in the outdoor store, in the fish category.

How do you get playfish cash on Pet Society?

you have to buy it by going to the cash shop

How do get health on pet society?

buy food at foods then let your pet eat it... The expensively your food is the higher health will be given

Price to buy a cat at a pet store?

Peoiple should never buy a cat at a pet store. They should ALWAYS adopt one from a shelter or humane society.

How do you have a job in pet society?

There are no jobs for you in pet society

Where is the aquarium in pet society?

You can buy the aquarium at the Garden Shop, Just north to our house.

Why is pet society fun?

You can earn and buy stuff and create a character. You can decorate your house

Can you earn playfish money on pet society?

no,but you can buy it from the cash shop or complete offers.

Where do you buy the pro race set in pet society?

at the boutique but only if you have play fish coins........

Why is your pet on pet society not growing?

becouse it dont grows. but you can buy for 3cc growing mushroom in magic food shop and when pet eats it it will grow only for three days

Where can you buy rabbits?

you can buy them at many pet shops but it is better to go to a humane society because then you give a neglected bunny a home

Cheats in pet society?

how to upgrade my paw points in pet society

How do you restart a Pet Society?

I don't think you can restart your pet society -_-

Where do you buy soap in pet society?

You cant technically buy soap on pet society unless it is for decoration. The one you can use, that actually works, is given to you in the beginning of the game. Unless you used a cheat code to receive the bar of soap you cant. As your level gets higher on Pet Society your soaps image, pawpoints given, money given, and the little soap bubbles changes for the better.

Is there sharks in pet society?

buy a cough medicine in food store and use it as bait when you go fishing..

How do you add a room on pet society?

You get rooms by leveling up, and if you have Playfish Cash, you can buy an extra room

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