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hey this is leon here with a answer well ether go to best buy or target

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Q: Where can you buy a pokeball in real life?
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Can you have a pokeball?

in game and real life.yes.u can buy them at target

Can anyone make a real life Pokeball?

Of course we will make 1 when its like after 500 years!Because a pokeball is just a capsule shaped like a ball.

Is a pokeball real?

I wish..

Where can you buy a pokeball phone?

you cant

A real pokeball to catch a real Pokemon you saw?

no such thing

Will there be a real pokeball?

yes you can shopping pokeballs in belgium and pokemon's are real

How do you get pokeball in real life?

First you Must LOVE Pokemon and you have to Believe in yourself Secondly you can not use Pokemon to beat up your enemies

How do you make a real pokeball that works in real life?

take a video of you throwing a fake poke-ball that you buy or you can make one out of a tennis ball. upload it on your computer and get a special affects download? then make the animal look like its getting sucked into it, then play it on your computer and it should be good.

How do you get a real pokeball?

Pokeballs are not real. They are ficticious tools used by people in the Pokemon franchise such as the games and TV series. You can get a model or toy of a Pokeball on Amazon or EBay.

What is an fushugi ball?

its not a real ball. i put pokeball cheats on my Pokemon platinum to get every pokeball and that wasnt one of them.

I need A real pokeball to catch a real Pokemon?

theres no such thing as real Pokemon or poke balls

How do you catch Pokemon in Pokemon indego?

You buy a pokeball.... then when your battling when its level gets low you use item and use the pokeball of your choice....