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you could call your local pet store or vet. they would proobably have the test or tell you where you can find one.

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Where is the best place to buy a pregnancy test?

The best place to buy a pregnancy test kit is a hospital.

How do you findout pregnancy by simple test?

Go to a drugstore or pharmacy and buy a pregnancy test kit.

How do you check pregnancy?

Do a pregnancy test with a chemical kit you can buy in the pharmacy, over the counter.

What is a pregnancy test kit called in french?

i need pregnancy test kit in france

How would you know if its pregnancy and not PMS?

To know if you are pregnant, go to the store and buy a pregnancy test kit.

Where can you buy ovulation test kin in chennai?

HOME CHECK OVULATION TEST KIT -Rs. 345 (Pack Containing 7 Ovulation Kit and one Pregnancy Kit FREE).Now Plan your Good Pregnancy as you like with home check ovulation Test kit. You can now choose your time and date of pregnancy.

Can you buy a pregnancy test at 18?

Yes. In most countries there are no age restrictions for buying a pregnancy testing kit.

At what stage in pregnancy can a doe rabbit absorb her kit your rabbit has milk but no signs of babies?

In the first couple weeks of pregnancy, she can reabsorb her kit. It is possible she is just in early pregnancy as well.

Is pregnancy test kit accurate?


Is the pregnancy test kit always correct?


How do you know if you are pregnant with a missed period and your boyfriend ejaculated inside of you?

You go to your local chemist and buy a pregnancy test kit!

How can you tell if you're pregnant without symptoms?

You can buy a pregnancy test kit at a drug store. It tests for hormones in the urine.

What should you do if you think you are pregnant but you are scared to get checked because of family problems?

There are many pharmacies from where you can get pregnancy test kit to check your pregnancy status. If it is confirmed that you are pregnant and want eliminate this unwanted pregnancy, then you can buy MTP Kit mifepristone misoprostol online from MifepristonePills online pharmacy to conclude unplanned pregnancy without pain. And you will get the information here about how to use MTP Kit.

Can a pregnancy test kit be used over again?


Where can you purchase an early pregnancy test?

Any chemist, pharmacy or reasonable supermarket will sell a pregnancy test kit

How do you fake pregnancy test?

incorporate HCG in the pregnancy test kit because it is a hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy and is excreted in the urine...

Nothing on a pregnancy test?

Neither "yes" nor "no"? Neither "pregnant" or "not pregnant"? I'd say the test kit was a dud or faulty. Buy another kit.....and if there is a phone number on the box, call and complain. They may have another answer.

Where can you buy a home swab drug test kit?

Were can u fins a swab test kit

Is blue on a pregnancy test positive or negative?

It depends on the test. Read the instructions on the test kit you purchased.

You missed your period for 2 months could you be pregnant?

Buy and use an OTC pregnancy test kit, and make an appointment with your doc asap.

What are the tools available for the home test of pregnancy?

You go to the pharmacy and ask for a pregnancy testing kit, in the UK you can buy them in the supermarket, whether you can in US I don't know. Usually near the condoms.

How much is a home pregnancy test kit?

A home pregnancy kit is relatively affordable for anyone and is available in any pharmacy or health outlet nearest to you.

Where can i buy Pregnancy belly painting kit?

go on eBay .

Where to buy gold test kit?


When can you do a pregnancy test?

i am delayed of 12 days and i have shown positive in the house pregnancy kit pls advise