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There are many places where one can buy a tub shower combo. One can buy a tub shower combo at popular stores such as The Home Depot, Menards, and Lowe's.

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Only custon coach builders will install tub shower garden tub combos as they are not standard.

To convert a tub into a shower buy doors set them in and level them. then caulk the bottom piece of the door frame. buy a shower head and install a faucet to the shower head

Many tub/shower valves are designed to be used either as a tub only or as a tub-shower combo. You will note that the valves have inlets on the sides for the hot & cold water supply, and outlets top and bottom for directing water either to the tub or diverted to the shower head. By plugging the bottom outlet with the appropriate plug and either soldering or wrapping the threads with teflon tape, the valve directs the water to the shower head.

Depends on if it is a just a shower or a shower/tub combo. There is no set heigth or industry standard. If it is for a shower only and to be used by adults only it can go as high as 48" but if children are using it you may think about lowering it from 36" to 44". If it is being used for a tub/shower it needs to be at a height that can be easily reached from a sitting position in the tub but not to low for shower use. Hope this helps.

48" for a shower and 15" above the tub for a tub.

The difference between a shower and a tub is the shower tends to enclosed with water that comes out of a shower head above while a tub has a faucet that pours into a large basin.

You can attach a number of shower heads to your tub, but check with the tub manufacturer first for a list of compatible faucets.

A "walk-in" tub/shower eliminates the need to step over the side of the tub to get in and out of the bath or shower. Older people and individuals with disabilities or injuries (as well as caregivers) find it much easier and far safer to use a walk-in tub/shower.

it has a toilet, sink, shower and tub. (if it has a shower stall and no tub it is called a 3 piece)

A walk-in tub shower combination can help a senior citizen or a person with a defect that limits his mobility get clean more easily. The tub-shower combo works the same way as the more traditional tub and shower combos do. Controls on the front let a person adjust the temperature and flow of the water. The tub has a drain to let the user fill it up with water.The way a walk-in tower tub shower combo differs from a regular bath tub is that there will be a seat on the inside of the tub. A door opens on the side, much like a vehicle door. When this door is closed, the system becomes watertight.The sliding door lets a person walk in the tub without having to lifter or lower his legs. For people with arthritis, injuries, long-term conditions, the act of lifting the legs over the side of the tub can be difficult if not impossible. A person may require aid to get into or out of the shower. A walk-in shower tub combination removes the need for outside of assistance and helps such an individual regain some of independence that they lost or regain independence that they never had.Walk-in shower tub combos do not require much more space than the traditional shower, although the special construction does make them a little more expensive than they might be. Almost any home contractor can install a tub without too many difficulties. The pipes install to the same places they do in normal units that get installed in your bathroom.Contractors can finish the job for a few hundred dollars. The home owner or renter must still pay for the unit itself, although insurance or special programs may help a person get exactly what he or she needs. Other people can use the walk-in shower tub unit as a normal shower. The bench is just an added bonus.�

Well this is the difference. A bath is in a bath tub and you sit and clean yourself. A shower is standing up in a tub or shower and you clean yourself.

A tub faucet acts as a shower and can be used to bath in the bath tub. It is a pressure valve which makes the flow of water through it constant and gives a nice shower.

You can't, the shower drain fitting is larger. You must fit a conventional tub overflow and drain

The required minimum pipe size for a shower tub drain is 1 inch.

It would be very convenient and affordable for you to buy this item on ebay.

In the shower, bath tub or even when you wash your hands.

I don't know if you are looking for any specific person, but if your question is why should you leave the shower curtain on the inside of the tub, the answer is simple. If you leave the shower curtain on the outside of the tub and take a shower, the water that runs down the curtain will be on the floor outside of the tub and you will have a mess to clean up. But if the curtain is on the inside of the tub, the water just runs out of the tub and thee is no mess to clean up. Conrad Hilton said it.

It depends on the width of your tub. The distance would be so that your shower curtain would hang in the middle of the edge of the tub.

A bathroom would have a toilet-sink-tub and or shower. A half bath has a toilet maybe a sink but no tub or shower.

Depends on the size of your tub. But its usually a Shower.

You must install, or have a plumber install a shower head first. You can install a surrounding shower curtain that allows the curtain to drape on the inside of tub.

The tub spout diverter washer has had the biscuit, replace it.

Very high. 6'4"-6'6" from bottom of tub or shower to center of shower head.

In order to stop a shower curtain from blowing out, attach weights to the bottom of the curtain I used to have the same problem and the first solution I tried was to buy a shower curtain that had a series of magnets in the bottom of it and they stuck to the side of the tub. This worked but eventually the magnets all started falling out. The solution I found that really did work was to buy a thicker, more expensive curtain, this one hangs down the side of my tub and is heavy enough that it does not blow up against the side of me when I shower. It may be more expensive, but it works great and I haven't had to replace it at all.

NO!!!!!! YES---If you have a two inch drain pipe on your tub. A tub/ shower drain should be 2" in diameter. A shower drain is 2" in diameter. If you have a 1 1/2" tub drain you g to where it ties into your 3" line and cut out the fitting it attaches to add a new fitting for 2" pipe and replumb back to your tub and tie in the shower drain then. If this is a situation where you will be taking a shower while someone else takes a bath i sugget running a separate lin to the main sewer line.