Where can you buy eraser putty?


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online or at the hello kitty store.

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Collect your eraser shavings and roll them together. If they are not at putty consistency, rub them onto something sticky like the sticky part of a post-it note or the back of a label until they stick together. Adjust to your own liking by adding more shavings.

you microwave an eraser for ten minutes

Yes, but only if the shavings could be ground into a fine powder

You can buy it from me for $2.00 each

Believe it or not, use art gum. The oil in the eraser will frequently get rid of stains without removing the finish of the wood. Another method is to use the artist's putty eraser. The oils in the eraser will lift the stain with out marring the wood.

At Micheal's. Simple as tat.

you can either, wait for you putty machine to make some, buy putty with shiny from the shop under resources or attack a tribe/friends yard.

nowhere? did you get an answer yet?

you can get it at office max or micheals

Ok I'll answer that all you need to do is : - get any eraser but make sure your comfortable with it - get a piece of paper - get crayons and color on piece paper - then rub eraser through the crayon to give go or plus make it combine properly - keep squishing it with your hand for like 1-3 mins - when you feel it gotten kind of doughy then wala your done Wish I helped you !!

The eraser poem the eraser poe the eraser po the eraser p the eraser the erase the eras the era the er the e the th t .

You can buy silly putty at a lot of dollar stores in different forms. Try looking in the toy section at a dollar store. Also a lot of toy stores will also carry it, especially cheaper-boutique toy stores.

No, because they want you to buy their paint.

Putty was invented to Secure the Networks.

A Japanese eraser is an eraser that comes in many can take them apart.a.k.a puzzle eraser.Thx guys!

step by step.............. 1. remove the eraser 2. buy some led 3. now put the led in the hole 4. put the eraser back the end

erase something and get the shavings from the eraser and melt them together and you are done

Because silly putty is silly! And you are now silly for asking this question.

in 1770 the eraser was made

The plural of eraser is erasers.

Eraser is a noun and does not have an opposite.

a pen eraser is an eraser which can rub out either cartridge pen or an ink pen.

No, Silly Putty is non-toxic.

silly putty was invented as a toy

Putty Armein was born in 1981.

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