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Answer 1Ebay! Go to the "clothing" category, narrow your search to "Tops" and use the search for keyword "rhinestone". You'll be surprised at how much is available. Answer 2You can go to any clothing store.But if truth be told rhinestone anything is a big no-no they look fake and tacky like your trying to be cool.Trust me steer clear of rhinestones.If its fake you dont wear it blazened on your chest.

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You could try doing it yourself buy buying beads online and sewing or glueing them onto clothes - Swarovski crystal beads work well for this.

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Q: Where can you buy fake diamond or rhinestone-studded blouses or shirts?
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if you breath on a diamond and the vapor dispear right away it a true diamond if it does not then it fake

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No, a simulant diamond is a fake diamond.

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You can get a fake diamond bracelet from many places like Walmart or Kmart ect...

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Any large diamond deserves identification by a certified gemologist, who can tell you whether or not it is fake.

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scratch the diamond against glass...if it scratches its real if it doesn't its fake

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