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you get it from florama town in the stor but u pay with berrys

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Q: Where can you buy fashion case items in Pokemon pearl?
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Where is the egg case in Pokemon pearl?

Egg case? There's no egg cases but there is a coin case, seal case,fashion case and poffin case.

What is the fashion case for in Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver?

The fashion case allows you to store fashion items that you can use to dress up your Pokemon. If you go to the top end of the tunnel in Goldenrod city there will be a camera set up. Just talk the people at the till and they will tell you the rest.

Where is the fashion case on Pokemon Pearl?

Ok,After you beat the firs gym in orbuegh return to Jublilife and head north (HEAL YOUR POKEMON) You will have a battle,then a man comes along and gives you it

Where can you get more fashion case items for Pokemon platinum?

Every 200 steps in Amity Square in Hearthome city and you can get backgrounds in the lottery in Jubilife City

Pokemon SoulSilver what is the cape?

A fashion item that is contained in your case.

How do you use the seal case in Pokemon pearl?

Your PC (in the game)

How do you get a cloud for your fashion case in Pokemon diamond?

walk around amunity square and talk to your Pokemon

How do i get more fashion case items on Pokemon diamond?

Go to Hearthrome, and go into Amity Square with a 'cute' pokemon, (eg pachirisu) where you can walk your Pokémon. Talk to your Pokémon every 200 steps and they'll be holding something

Where do you find the Seal case in Pokemon Pearl?

U get it at the right of solaceon

What is the cheat for a full fashion case in Pokemon pearl?

Don't do it! It will mess up your ds! It messed up mine and a lot of people say it messed up theirs too! DONT USE A R!

How do you start all over in Pokemon pearl?

in the menu where they show the pokemon on the case press up+select+b

What do ribbons do in Pokemon Diamond?

If you get a lot of ribons you can go to the resort area and in there you can buy more ribbons and there is is a spa treatment so it makes your Pokemon more friendly. It also gets you items for your fashion case. ( they only give you ribons of each type of contest )

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