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Fortress craft is available on the xbox live marketplace, and through the official website.

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Does Fortress craft have better graphics than Minecraft?

No it does not because mine craft runs 100 times faster than fortress craft

Is fortress craft a Minecraft clone?

Yes. Well, in a way, no. Fortress Craft uses a different graphics engine and also uses your Avatar, instead of a block... whatever. And finding treasure in Fortress Craft is way too easy. But basically, yeah.

Can you get fortress craft on ps3?

no, it is only available for the xbox 360 unfortunately.

Are there mods for fortress craft?

yes there are there like a lot but just look there everywhere

Is fortress craft on PC?

yes it is, that is where they get all of there updates out at... i don't no where to download at tho

Where can you buy foam craft paper?

You can buy foam craft paper at Walmart, Target, craft stores, Micheals, and Joann fabrics.

When you buy assassin creed revelations can you still get items for Team Fortress 2?

no, the items were only available for pre-release of AC:R. You can craft the items in game. Blueprints can be found on the tf2 wiki

How can you craft in Team Fortress 2 on the 360?

The same way you craft in any version of the game. But you need the PC version. There are no other weapons in the xbox version.

How do you unlock the shortstop in Team Fortress 2?

Wait for it to drop OR craft it with 1 reclaimed and Force a Nature

Can you craft 'the iron curtain' in Team Fortress 2?

No, but don't fret, its only a reskin.

What is a fun free world game for PS3 or Xbox?

Grand Theft Auto, Fortress craft, Sims

When is fortress craft officially coming to xbox?

Hopefully this month for more informaition look at the related links

Is fortress craft out for xbox live marketplace?

Yes...if you are looking to purchase it you will need 240 Microsoft points to install it.

When is fortress craft coming to xbox?

Friday, March 25 2011 Straight from DJ Keemstar (Co-Creator)

Can you craft the Machina sniper rifle in Team Fortress 2?

Yes, have a look at the TF2 Wiki for exact information.

Can you craft a strange scattergun in team fortress 2?

I am fairly sure that Strange items can only be aquired from random drops.

Where can you buy styrofoam?

You can buy styrofoam at Michaels craft stores.

How do you get all A?

buy them at the craft store

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