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There is no code for it. You buy it at the store for 2,500 gems if you're a member. If you're a non member, you can't get it.

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animal jam is not a shopping site its a play online game where you can play as a animal and make friends and buy things for your animal jam animal

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Q: Where can you buy headphones on animal jam?
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Where do you buy headphones on animal jam?

the store

How do you get headphones in animal jam?

In the game Animal Jam, it is possible to purchase headphones during game-play. Members will have access to exclusive golden headphones.

Where can you buy Animal Jam Sidekix?

In animal jam out fitters

Where do people buy gloves on Animal Jam?

You can buy gloves from Alyssa Rose on Animal Jam.

How do you get firework shooter on animal jam?

you buy them

Can you buy a collar for your animal jam pet?

The answer is no

Where can you buy the waterfall in animal jam?

you cant

How can you get free coins on animal jam?

You buy them

Where to buy a animal jam membership?

best buy or target not gamestp it does not have it

How do you buy gloves an animal jam?

You buy gloves from Alyssa Rose

Where can you buy banners at animal-jam?

You can buy banners at the museum at Appondale.

Where can you find the scarf in animal jam?

In Animal Jam, you can trade for the Jamaaliday Scarf. If you prefer, you can buy it from the store for 350 gems.