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Amazon has it if your local grocery store doesn't

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Q: Where can you buy lime away toilet bowl cleaner?
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What is the best cleaner for removing rust and lime scale from a toilet bowl?

Descaler is a powerful yet safe cleaner for rust and limescale.

My aluminum swimming pool ladder has white chalky bumps on it from the water. how do I remove it?

It could be lime deposits. Try the toilet bowl cleaner Lime Away and see if that helps. Vinagar might do the trick too. Remove the ladder and soak it or brush the cleaner on and let it set a few hours. A: Alum. ladders will degrade quickly in water.

Why does your shower come on when you are trying to pour a bath?

This sometimes happens because rust or calcium particles are sticking the diverter and forcing some or all of the water to the shower head. CLR, Lime-Away, or in some tough cases Lysol toilet bowl cleaner will remove the unwanted metallic compounds and allow the diverter to do its job correctly. Just make sure those acidic products are thoroughly rinsed away before hopping into the tub!

How can I clean soap scum off a porcelain bathtub?

In Europe, Cillit Bang toilet cleaner, shifts everything, including lime scale, blue water marks and soap scum. Alternative, acidic toilet cleaners might work

Is there a product that eats away calcium deposits from the rinse holes in a toilet when you flush?

oddly enough, a product called 'lime away' - and others, usually can be found at the dollar store, or department store.

Can you put drain cleaner down toilets?

Well yes you can put drain cleaner down the toilet because it's not much of a difference to the toilet. If it was a liquid then it would just break down some calcium on the toilet and some lime rust stains, but then of it was those rubber metal strings then it would be not as effective all it does it make the hair of the toilet go down and break up to make a easy flush If you have a Septic Tank System, it may not be advisable to use a product that is not COMPATIBLE with Septic Systems. The cleaner may kill the bacteria in the tank that is necessary for the systems' operation.

What is the ancient Egyptian toilet like?

it was usually wood or if you were rich you could have one made out of lime stone and it was basically a little bowl with a hole and every few days they would empty it onto the fields as fertilizer

Clean lime off tile floor?

Any acidic cleaner should work. This category would include both vinegar (acetic acid) and commercial lime dissolving solutions (muriatic acid, K2R, Lime Away, etc.). Wear gloves, don't get cleaner under your rings, sponge off with water to preserve your grout after removing lime.I would use nothing stronger than white vinegar. Anything stronger will destroy the grout.

Is lime away a acid or base?

A lime with calcium hydroxide is a base.

What is the best thing to use to clean out hard water deposits?

Lime away. Lime away does not work on hard water deposits.

What does lime do to metal?

probably eats it away

PH of Lime-a-away?

pH is 1