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Q: Where can you buy marrow squash?
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What does kusa mean in Arabic?

Kusa is Marrow Squash

What is a long smooth-skinned squash called?


What is christophene?

A squash, also known as a chayote or a custard marrow.

What vegetable similar squash?

The vegetable marrow is one possibility.

What is a courgette?

Variety of marrow developed to be harvested when small; also known as Italian marrow, Italian squash, or zucchini.

What is vegetable marrow which is called for in a very old cookbook?

summer squash

What is a zuccini?

marrow squash plant whose fruit are eaten when small

Is a marrow a fruit or a vegetable?

Marrow squash is a fruit. Marrow bean is a vegetable. Then there is bone marrow, sold in the meat is a fruit ! i have never heard of it till now and it is a fruit i checked the internet so ha

Can you buy spaghetti squash in south Africa?

No. But they have have gem squash, butternut squash, hubbard squash and traditional pumpkin.

What type of vegetable are squash?

they belong to the gourd family and are used as a vegetable, a marrow like plant

Where did the marrow vegetable originate?

Marrow (the vegetable) is a name applied to several different variants of squash plants capable of producing large fruit. Marrow typically (depending on the region) is the mature fruit of the squash plant. If the fruit is picked while immature, it is known--depending on region and custom--as zucchini, courgette, summer squash (although these terms are considered to define very different squash products in other regions.) Marrow is a naturally-occurring derivative of squash specimens that came to Europe as part of the Great Exchange. It is generally accepted that Mesoamerica is the geographical origin of the forebears of all current squash types, which include pumpkins. Some plants now known as Marrow were first discovered in gardens in northern Italy toward the end of the 19th century and were presumably re-imported to north America by immigrants around 1920. Other squash plant variants that are likewise know as Marrow presumably occurred in other locations at various times since approximately the year 1600.

What is the price of squash in Minnesota?

to find out, go to Minnisota and buy some squash!

Where can you buy squash blossoms?

In Italy!

What is the meaning of this sentence get a squash in idioms?

You go to the market and buy a squash, or it could mean get a sack(balls)

How do you tell the difference between a gourd and squash?

This is not easy. Cucurbita Pepo is the Pumpkin, Veqatable Marrow family which includes the gords and squashes.

Is zucchini a vegetable's?

Zucchini (American English) or courgette (British English) is a summer squash. In Britain, we are more likely to call it a marrow!

Where can you buy a squash?

At your local grocery store or a farmer's market

What do marrows eat and live?

Marrow lives inside you body there are tissues in your bones that's why you are alive, okay? Actually, marrows is the British name for a squash plant, and a Cumbrian colloquialism for friends. Squash grows where other crops grow.

Is zucchini french or Italian?

Zucchini originated in the Americas. But the Italians developed squash into zucchini. The French and English call it courgette and in South Africa it is called a marrow.

What is the British English word for squash?

squash is squash

What is the difference between courgettes and zucchini?

There isn't one. Zucchini is an Italian word and courgette is French, but they both mean baby marrow. (Or baby summer squash if you're American.)

What is the plural of squash?

The plural of squash is "squash".

What are the two kinds of marrow?

red marrow and yellow marrow...

What is the purpose of marrow?

There is two types of marrow. Red marrow makes blood cells and yellow marrow stores fat. Yellow marrow can convert to red marrow if needed.

Is spaghetti squash a winter or summer squash?

The spaghetti squash is a winter (hard skinned) squash.