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Where can you buy metallic block and radiator seal?

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== == == == K&W Permanent "Metallic" Block Seal can be found at most any auto parts for about $9-

2008-03-11 15:08:57
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Q: Where can you buy metallic block and radiator seal?
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What can buy to seal a crack in plastic tank of radiator?

A new radiator.

Where is the radiator drain plug on a 2004 Chevy aveo?

the drain plug (which is plastic) is a couple of inches from the bottom of the radiator on the passenger side of the vehicle. You may have to buy a replacement plug beforehand in case it doesn't seal properly after reinstalling it. Do this when the car is cool and dont run cold water into a hot block. Also, don't leave it running after it drains (obviously!)

Where is the thermostat for a 1996 Mazda MX6?

the thermostat is on the lower radiator hose next to block. the thermostat is all one piece when you buy it at the store. it has 2 bolts.

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Why can't you buy seal of orichalcos?

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Where can you buy steel seal?

What would make hot water leak under car?

misplaced radiator cap - buy a new onecross threaded radiator cap - take off and put on properlyhole in radiator - drain the radiator of coolant, solder the hole closed, refill the radiator.worn-out water pump - buy and install a new or rebuilt one.hole in radiator hose - buy and install a new one.

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How do you tell if your radiator cap is faulty?

take the cap off and check this look under the cap and see if the rubber seal is broken or it looks worn but if in doubt replace it a mechanic has tool for connecting to radiator to check cap pressure. but if you think radiator cap is the problem, just buy a new one they cost under 10 bucks. if that is the problem, it is sure cheaper than going to a mechanic

How can you fix a pinhole size leak on front of a radiator?

You can buy one of several products from your local auto parts store that will stop a small leak in the front of the radiator... Now If you are mechanically inclined you can also mark where the hole is at and then drain and remove the radiator.. Once you do this you can clean the area around the pinhole and use a soldering gun and some 60/40 solder to permanantly seal the hole...

How do you unplug radiator plug?

If you mean a freeze plug, that is usually in the engine block, not in the radiator. Maybe you mean a clogged radiator. If that is the case. First you would flush it out with water. You can remove the hose from the bottom. Then reattach the hose and add water and a chemical radiator flush product that you can buy from the auto supply store. Drive for about an hour of more. Then flush out the radiator again. Refill the radiator with water and see if your engine runs cool enough. If all that does still does not work go to a radiator shop and have them rod it out. If they can't do that, you may have to put in a new radiator. Good luck. One more thing. You may also want to check the thermostat.

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What radiator should you buy for a 1970 charger?

It all depends on what size engine you have in it, if you have a 383 or larger I would get a 3 or 4 core radiator, a radiator shop can use your old radiator tanks and build you a new radiator pretty cheap.

Where can you get the Church of God in Christ Seal Printed on a Bible Or can I buy one with the seal already on there?

When do you buy a new radiator?

When the current one is leaking or plugged.

How do you do a radiator flush on a 2002 Sebring?

Take your car into a shop that does radiator flushes or buy a radiator flush kit from autozone or advanced auto stores you just need the cleaner and a hose

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What colortype of coolant should you fill your radiator with after a radiator flush for your 1995 Toyota Corolla?

buy the universal fluid at your local automotive store.

How much should it cost to replace a radiator in an Acura Integra?

if u do it urself n buy the radiator for liek 120-150 bucks