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You cannot. Canadian military rations (known as Individual Meal Packs or IMP's) are only for military use and cannot be sold to civilians. You can however order American military rations (known as Meals Ready to Eat or MRE's) online.

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Q: Where can you buy military rations in Canada?
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Where can I buy Japanese military rations?

You can buy it in Japan

What are t rats in military food?

total rations.

What are Canadian Military Rations called?

Individual Meal Packs or IMP's

What are American Military Rations called?

Meals Ready to Eat, or MRE's

What did the Japanese eat during World War 2?

Military rations.

Does the US military still use K rations?

No, the US military no longer issues K-rations. The K-ration was first introduced in 1942. The C-ration replaced the K-ration in 1948.

Why were first cigarettes included in military rations?

Because back in the day, alot of people smoked. Even today soldiers smoking is common in the military. Tobacco also lowers your appetite and keeps a soldier from getting hungry after eating his rations.

What do the troops think?

The troops have scorned military rations for over a century. It is the subject of a great deal of playful joking in media related to the military.

Why is chewing gum included in military field rations?

Well I've only been in the military for 5 years but i think gum is included in our military field rations (MRE's) because after you've finished all of your food it's one last thing to enjoy and continue eating after all of your food is gone.

When was Military Ordinariate of Canada created?

Military Ordinariate of Canada was created in 1951.

What did people eat in the vetnam war?

US Military "C" rations were the primary food of the Vietnam War.

What kind of food did the military eat in world war 2?

I assume you mean C rations. In cans, mostly.

Why is a can opener called a John Wayne?

This is the nickname of the military can opener P-38 that was used in both the K Rations and the C Rations from WWII to the 1980's. It is known as the "John Wayne" for it's dependability and toughness.

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When was Organization of Military Museums of Canada created?

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Where can I buy MRE meals online?

MRE Information MRE or Meals Ready to eat are military style food rations. ... The best source online for MRE information is ... Usually you buy MRE with flameless heaters so you can eat your meal hot (cold is ok too) ...

How much does military married to military make?

Dual military depends on their pay grade. It is Base pay x2, Basic Allowance for Housing x1.5, and other various allowances like separate rations, etc.

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