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Q: Where can you buy parts for 410 single shot Iver Johnson Champion shotgun?
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Where can you find parts for Iver Johnson 410 champion shotgun?

On line auctions, gun shops, gun shows, pawn shops.

How can you get a buttplate for your Iver Johnson Champion 410 shotgun?

Start with Gun Parts Corp and then start looking hard. Old gun parts are getting hard to find.

How do you find a front hand guard for a champion single barrel shotgun from Iver Johnson arms cycle works date 1948 or older?

Check I checked and they do have the forearm but you have to go to the bottom of the parts list because it is not illistrated. Not sure if its a 1948 or older.

Where can you find a forestock for an older Iver Johnson Champion 410?

Numrich (Gun Parts Copr.) has some Iver Johnson parts.

Where can you find parts on a single shot EXCEL shotgun?

Numrich Gun Parts Corporation have most, if not all of the parts for an Excel shotgun. They are located in West Hurley, NY.

Where can you find parts for an Iver Johnson 410 shotgun with a pat. date of June 15-15?

You can find parts and schematic's for this shotgun at Numrich Gun Parts Co. 226 Williams Lane P.O. Box 299 West Hurley, Ny 12491-0299 Sales # (866) Numrich I just ordered a wal-nut forearm for my Iver Johnson Champion Model 410 shotgun my gun has the same pat'd # of 1515 my email address is sorry so long. But if you have any other questions feel free to drop me a line Mike Green

What is the value of a Iver Johnson shotgun?

That will depend on which Iver Johnson you have. The one most commonly encountered is the single shot Champion which will range from $25 for a parts gun to $150 in like-new condition. If it has a matted rib, add $25 in all grades. If it has a ventilated rib, those prices nearly double. Then there are the Skeeter Model and the Super Trap, both single shots which run from $375 to $1100. A Hercules Grade side by side double barrel lists from $250 to $550 and the Silver Shadow, an over-under double barrel manufactured in Italy for Iver Johnson, lists from $150 to $350.

Where can you get parts for a 20 gauge Victor Ejector?

Typical Crescent single-barrel shotgun. I have a good supply of parts.

Where can you find parts for Eastern Arms Model 1929 410 single shot shotgun?

Depending on which parts, they may need to be made.

Are there any parts available for a Rev O Noc single barrel shotgun?

Highly unlikely

When was model 282510820 made?

I believe this is a Boito Era single barrel shotgun. Made 20-25 years ago. A cheap disposable shotgun. A lot of the parts are not hardened.

Did Springfield produce a model 94-A single shot shotgun?

I have a single shot Springfield shotgun but there is no model number anywhere. It looks just like a the Stevens Model 94 and has several identical parts although I am not sure what series of the 94 it is.

Where can you get gun parts for a Model 1855 single shot shotgun made by Waltham Arms Company?

try egunparts

What are the three main parts of a shotgun?

what are the three main parts of shotgun

Where can you get parts for a 20 gauge Stevens Model 98K single shot shotgun?

You might find what you need at .

What company has parts for an early model Hopkins and Allen falling block 12 gauge single barrel shotgun?


Dose any one know of where I could find a wood fore arm for a Diamond Arms 410 shotgun single shotgun?

Go to "Numrich" they have new & used parts

Where can you find parts for Sears Roebuck and company single shot model 101.10041 twenty gauge shotgun?

Where can you find parts for your Charles daily shotgun?

Where can you find parts for your Charles daily shotgun

Where can you get parts for a Victor single shotgun serial 669553?

Some of the larger used parts dealers may have a small quantity. Try or Jack First Gun Shop.

Where can you get parts for a 12 gauge Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works Fitchburg Mass USA shotgun? depending on what you need. I can tell you they don't have a barrel!

Can you find parts for Stevens model 94-series K single shot 12 gauge shotgun?

It's a pretty common gun, so any gunsmith should have a source for parts.

Where can you purchase parts for Victor single shot shotguns?

This shotgun was probably made by Crescent, so your local gunsmith can probably find one in his parts pile. Or, if there are no missing pieces, he can repair yours.

Where can one find Champion Juicer replacement parts?

There are many places where one can find Champion Juicer replacement parts. One can visit the Champion Juicer directly for these replacement parts. One may also look on eBay for these parts as well.

What is the value of a Champion 20 gauge choke single barrel shotgun?

Since there are no IJ collectors bidding these up unless in like-new original condition, it is worth from 1/2 to 2/3 the price of a new single shot or about $45-$60. Or even less if it is rusted or broken. But then, if you can add a few dollars worth of electrical parts to a rusty one, these are offered as floor lamps for $300 or more.