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Where can you buy pop rocks?

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you can buy them at candy at the mall

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How do you make pop rocks?

put sodium in the pop rocks

When was Pop Rocks created?

Pop Rocks was created in 1975.

Are pop rocks a chemical change?

Pop rocks are candies, not changes.

How do pop rocks explode?

all you have to do is add sodium to the pop rocks!!

What comes out of pop rocks when they pop?

when the pop rocks pop all the gas and carbon dioxide comes out when it touches water.

What does pop rocks do when you?

....... eat them they pop

When was Pop Rocks EP created?

Pop Rocks EP was created in 2006.

How much carbon dioxide is in a packet of pop rocks?

there is 4.2 millimeters in pop rocks candies can you explode if you eat pop rocks with pop? no thts just a rumor! dont worry have fun

Why does the soda explodewhen you put pop rocks in it?

Because then the soda would melt the pop rocks therefore forcing the pop rocks to let it's CO2 (carbon dioxide) out because the pop rock basically cinsists of CO2 (carbon dioxide).Thats why you here a pop when you put pop rocks in your mouth.

When Pop Rocks 'pop' what comes out?

carbon dioxide

How do pop rocks pop?

When they make Pop Rocks, they put Carbon Dioxide in it. This makes little air pockets. when you eat the pop rocks, the candy melts and the Carbon Dioxide is released, making the popping sound/feel.

How were pop rocks invented?

by candy and rocks mixed

Why does pop rocks fizz in water?

They pop in water because they pop in your mouth.

What happens when you mix pop rocks in a bottle of pop?

Pop rocks are just sugar processed with carbon dioxide and other ingredients; it ill fiz.

When did the candy pop rocks come out?

Pop Rocks candy was patented in 1957 but not released as a product until 1975.

Can you die from pop rocks and soda?

you can die from drinking to much soda and if you eat to much pop rocks you can die

What is the chemical change taking place in pop rocks?

Pop rocks contain microscopical bubbles of carbon dioxide.

What are the chemicals that make pop rocks pop?

There is no chemical in pop rocks it's just CO2 (carbon dioxide) that makes up the pop rocks.When you put pop rocks in your mouth they so the heat basically forces the CO2 (carbon dioxide) out which sounds like it's poping.

Will pop rocks pop if they are rubbed on carpet?

no they only pop once they are exposed to water

What foods start with Pop?

PopcornPopciclePop rocksPoptart

What are pop rocks used for?

You eat them.

What is a scientific explanation for mixing pop rocks with soda?

the chemicals in the soda interact with the pop rocks and they some times blow up.

Are pop rocks and fun dip the same?

No. Pop Rocks are a candy that pop in your mouth. Fun dip is like sweetened kool-aid (tm) that you dip a candy stick into.

What are the ratings and certificates for Pop Rocks - 2004 TV?

Pop Rocks - 2004 TV is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-PG

Can you eat pop rocks if you have braces?

yes you can I had some pop rocks and i have braces.