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chens' shop

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Q: Where can you buy seeds harvest moon?
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Where do you get a yam in harvest moon?

Go plant it. Buy the seeds from the shop. But which harvest moon game are you talking about?

How do you grow pineapple seeds on harvest moon?

You can't grow seed on harvest moon ds you just have to buy them

Where do you get seeds in harvest moon of friends mineral town?

You buy seeds from Jeff's General Store in town.

Where do you buy seeds in Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility?

You can buy them at Souffle Farm. Later in the game, call Taylor's seeds or talk to him.

Where can I buy onions from on Harvest Moon DS?

You can not buy Onions. You have to grow them yourself. Plant Onion Seeds in Summer.

Where do you buy seeds in Harvest Moon DS cute?

You can get seeds 4 ways in harvest moon D.S. Cute 1. Buy them from Vesta's Shop 2, Buy them over the phone from Karen's Supermarket. 3. Make you own with a maker 4. Get them as a gift from you Anniversary or birthday from your spouse.

How can you get seeds in harvest moon hero in leaf valley?

You can buy seeds from the flower shop that Lyla sell. There are some seeds you can get from the townspeople during an event.

How do you get a eggplant on harvest moon tree of tranquility?

you buy the seeds for it at souffle farm during the farm and plant them

How do you get cocoa on harvest moon magical melody for wii?

You have to grow it during Summer. You can buy the seeds from Liz.

What happens to the seeds after you buy them in harvest moon back to nature boy and girl?

They should be in your tool box if they aren't in your inventory.

When can you grow sweet potatoes on harvest moon island of happiness?

In spring, go to chens store and buy the potatoes seeds

How do you get flax seeds Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility?

you ring taylors seeds