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I saw on the LG website, that you cannot buy the LG Secret - KF700 yet. it said that this phone is very new, and they don't even know the price yet. i want to know where to buy this phone too!

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How much does the LG Secret cost?

The price for the LG Secret depends mainly on the cell phone carrier. Some cell phone carriers charge $90 for the LG Secret with a contract. On Amazon, an LG Secret with no cell phone contract cost $300.

Is the lg secret touchscreen?


Where are LG Chocolate cell phones?

I don't where you can buy the LG Chocolate or the LG Chocolate 2, but you can buy the LG Chocolate 3 at any Verizon store.

Where can one buy a LG home cinema system?

You can buy an LG Home Cinema System online from the LG website. You can also purchase this product online from stores such as Best Buy or retailers such as Amazon.

How do you buy lg electronics stock?


What Is the best cellphone to buy?

i would say the LG view or the LG dare

Do you have to buy internet on an LG phone?


Where can I buy a brand new lg phone?

You can buy a brand new LG phone off several websites such as the LG home site, Ebay, Amazon, and Walmart. Yes, AT&T does provide LG phones. You can go to their website, and search under phones for LG phones.

Where can you buy the lg gw620?

You can buy the LG GW620 Eve at Rogers Wireless. Rogers is in Canada, so you could order it online.

Where can you buy the black dress from the LG ad?

Go to a store that sell LG phones and they could tell you otherwise buy one online.

Where is it possible to buy a LG PC Suite?

You can purchase an LG PC Suite at Best Buy, Staples or CompUSA. You can also purchase an LG PC Suite at an online retailer such as Amazon, Ebay or Nextag,

What appliance brand name did LG buy out?

LG appliance formed a strategic relationship with Viking.

Where can you buy an LG lollipop?

Where can you buy the lg kS365?

the store what store

Where can you buy Purple LG KS365?


Where can you buy a lg imprint?

search in internet .you can get it

Where can you buy a lg lollipop 2?


What oil does a Honda VF750 use?

15-40 W JASO MA or MA2.

Where can you buy a lg lcd tv monitor?

There are numerous places to purchase an lg lcd tv monitor. You could shop online directly from the manufacurer, LG, or go to a retail store such as Best Buy or Walmart.

Where can you buy LG TVs?

There are a variety of places to purchase LG TVs. Best Buy has them available. They can be purchased at the store or ordered from their website and delivered to your home. Sears, Walmarts and Target also carry LG TVs.

Sonic the hedgehog lg env2?

Not 100% sure but i think you can buy Sonic the Hedgehog of your LG env2.

How much is an lg shine?

A new LG Shine varies from $84 to about $150 depending on where and when you buy it! :p

Does lg cookie kp500 have a headphone?

Yes The Headphones For The LG Cookie KP500 Are Included In The Box When You Buy It,

How much does the LG Neon Cost?

You can buy the lg neon for $92.32 as a GoPhone, Walmart defiantly sells them.

Where can you buy the LG G2 at Tainan Taiwan?

I do not know about Tainan specifically, but you can purchase the LG G2 in Taiwan.

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