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Q: Where can you buy the butcher block top kitchen island at Big Lots?
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What is the best type of material to use for the countertop of kitchen islands?

There are lots of options for countertops for an island, including butcher block, granite, marble, Corian, Swanstone, Formica, steel, soapstone, silestone, glass, ceramic, laminates and more. Each surface has advantages and disadvantages, and they all space a broad range of prices, so you must choose based on your needs and budget. Check out this discussion forum on countertops for a variety of opinions and lots of info:

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Where can I go online to purchase cheap kitchen storage canisters?

Storage canisters for the kitchen are readily found online. has lots of storage options for your kitchen. Rubbermaid, which makes a lot of kitchen products that others sell has a store online at

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