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Here are a few recycling centers around Tampa:

  1. World One Inc. - 1306 E 4th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605 - (813) 248-3500
  2. Metro Recycling - 2702 E 2nd Ave, Tampa, FL 33605 - (813) 248-6435
  3. Brian's On-Site Recycling - 3301 N Ridge Ave, Tampa, FL 33603 - (813) 228-7717

For a full list see related links.

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McDonalds Drivethru

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Q: Where can you cash in your aluminum cans in the Tampa FL area?
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where can I take aluminum cans to be recycled for cash near Winter haven FL ?

Aluminum cans can be recycled for cash at the Polk Division of the SP Recycling Corporation. Their address is: 52 Environmental Loop, Winter Haven, FL 33880. Their phone number is 863-665-2637.

where can I take aluminum cans to turn in for cash, I live in the panama city beach area thanks?

You can contact Coastal Metals Recycling @ 850-785-0267. The address is 1023 E 15th St. in Panama City. They pay cash for scrap metal including aluminum cans. The hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm and Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm

Where can I recycle aluminum cans for cash in the Palmyra,PA 17078 area.?

Brandywine Recyclers Is the closest I found in the dirrectory 328 North 14th Street, Lebanon, PA - (717) 272-4581


Any local Chain Supermartet such as Pathmark, Walbumns, Kmart, Walmart, KeyFoods, Associated and so on

How much is aluminum cans worth in Georgia?

The prices are extremely dependant upon the gas prices in your area. The best time to take them and cash them in is around Christmas time and the new year, therefor the gas prices are booming, and you will have a lot more cans by then. Never rush to cash them in, only if you are trying to get a quick buck. Blaze is a great place to take your cans, they give you a fair price, and the wait is minimal.

Where can I get cash for my aluminum cans in Batavia or Wheaton IL.?

Try American Aluminum Recycling out of Lake Zurich, it's the closest I can find to Batavia. The address is 20450 North Rand Road.

How much money is a pound of aluminum cans in Arizona?

about 40 cents a pound 10/20/2009: I have a coupon from Cash for Cans paying 50 cents/lb. I think it came out of the Chandler News (free weekly paper) Jim

Where can I cash a personal check in Tampa Florida?

Any bank

When and where was baseball player Kevin Cash born?

Kevin Cash was born December 6, 1977, in Tampa, FL, USA.

When and where did baseball player Ron Cash die?

Ron Cash died April 22, 2009, in Tampa, FL, USA.

Where can you turn in soda can tabs for cash?

Answer for the USA: Yes, you can get 40 cents per pound at a scrap metal yard. That would mean collecting 750 pounds of aluminum to get $300. There are about 30 cans to the pound, so, the can is usually worth more at a recycling center, since 30 cans would be worth only 40 cents as scrap metal, but would be worth $1.50 at a recycling center. If you just recycled the tabs, you would need an enormous number. 1600 tabs weigh about 1 pound, so you would need 1.2 Million Tabs to get 300 Pounds

How to make fast cash easily if you're homeless?

To make fast cash as a homeless person, people can sell cans and the last of their possessions to the pawn shop.