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First , u need to surf and go up the waterfall then after u use waterfall u will see a cave go in side and look around ... Afterwards , then u will be going down (after the grandpa and grandma) and when u are going down keep jumping to ure left and the u surf deep in and a small part of land(u will also get a TM there) there only there u can get bagon... (its very rare)

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How do you catch bagon in emerald?

You can find bagon in meteor falls in the back end.

How do you get a Bagon in Pokemon Ruby?

You can catch a Bagon deep in Meteor Falls in Pokemon Ruby.

How do you get bagon in ruby?

to catch bagon go to the meteor falls and go to the place where you found TM dragon claw bagon can only be found at that part of the cave Go to Meteor Falls

Pokemon sapphire how to catch baygon?

to catch bagon, you have to go to meteor falls. find the the innermost part of the meteor falls where there is water and an isolated land at the end. you can see a lvl 30 bagon there.

Where can you catch a bagon in pokemon saphire?

There's a small room deep in Meteor Falls that is the only place you can catch Bagon.

How do you catch salamence?

catch bagon at meteor falls and evolve it into shellgon then evolve it to SALAMENCE bagon lv31 shellgon lv50 salamence

How do you catch a bagob in emerald?

If you mean Bagon, after getting waterfall go to meteor falls. At the back room you can find Bagon.

Where can you go with the hm waterfall in Pokemon emerald?

Go to Meteor Falls and catch a Bagon

Where do you find bagon on emerald?

Bagon can be found at meteor falls

What is special about meteor falls in sapphire?

You can catch bagon in it. Also you talk to Team Aqua there in an important conversation.

Where can you find bagon in emerald?

In Meteor Falls

Were do you get bagon in Pokemon emerald?

meteor falls

Where can you catch sheldon in ruby?

It is not possible to catch a wild Shelgon in Pokemon Ruby. To get a Shelgon you need to evolve a Bagon. Wild Bagon can be found in the deepest room of the Meteor Falls cave.

You an in meteor falls but no bagon will show up in Pokemon sapphire?

the only place in Meteor falls where bagon appear is where you find the TM Dragon Claw.

How do you get a salemence in pokemon emerald?

first, you need a bagon which you catch in meteor falls after beating the elite four. you must have surf and waterfall to get to the spot that contains bagon.

How do you find bagon easily in Pokemon emerald?

A Bagon is in Meteor falls if you want one. Note: you need SURF and WATERFALL to get to it. Bagon is in the very back of Meteor falls. But you`ll be in there for awhile Bagons are rare to find. To catch it use an ultra ball on it. to help find him use sweet sent.

Where to find shelgon in sapphire?

you can't find shelgon in saphire you have to catch a bagon at meteor Falls first then evolve it

What route is bagon on in ruby?

Bagon is in Meteor Falls..if you use Waterfall in there, you get to a different area where you can find Bagon.

How do you get a bagon in Emerald?

you can get a bagon by going to meteor falls, where you got dragon claw. You will need the hm waterfall and surf though. After looking a round the back on meteor falls you should find a bagon eventually. P.S. I LOVE BAGON!!!! :-]

How do you catch a horsea in emerald?

you can catch it at the current near pacifidlog town or you can catch a bagon in meteor falls and go to the dude with the horsea,he will ask if you will swap say yes and give him bagon and then you got a horsea....hope i helped

How do you catch bagon on Pokemon ruby?

You have to go to meteor falls and use surf. There will be a room at the back. You will find bagon after quite some tries only as it is very rare.

Where to catch bagon in emerald?

In meteor falls use Waterfall to go up the big waterfall then continue north until you reach a dead end that area is where bagon is.

Where do you get bagon in Pokemon sapphire?

Deep in Meteor Falls

How do you get to meteor falls in Pokemon sapphire?

go to fallabor town. go left. go south. go around the mountain range and at the end there is a cave to meteor falls. you can also catch bagon there.

Where do you catch solrock in pokemon ruby?

Meteor Falls. Just go west and then south. FYI, you have to battle a few Trainers along the way. In Meteor Falls, you can catch: Bagon, Barboach, Golbat, Goldeen, Lunatone, Solrock, Whiscash and Zubat.

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