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No you can't catch deoxys by using cheats

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Can you catch Deoxys on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

No, you can't catch Deoxys on Pokemon Diamond & Pearl unless you have cheats. You can transfer it from your GBA to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl though

Where to catch Deoxys in Pokemon Diamond?

You cannot catch Deoxys in the wild on Pearl or Diamond. You must migrate it from one of the past versions that you caught it on. For example, you can catch it on Emerald and migrate it to Diamond.

How do you catch a Deoxys in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You cant on these games....try Ruby, Emerald, Saphhire, Leaf Green or Fire Red (and only then with cheats!)

How do you get Deoxys without any cheats in Pokemon diamond?

The only way to catch Deoxys is by going to a Nintendo Event (which already passed), or get Deoxys from a friend who is willing to trade one via Wi-Fi or via Wireless connection.

How to catch Deoxys in Pokemon diamond?

you cant... but you can trade with someone for him if it wore possible...

How do you get a deoxys on diamond?

You would need to use an Action Replay or transfer it from Pokemon Emerald, FireRed, or LeafGreen, for it is impossible to catch Deoxys in any location in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

How do you get deoxis no cheats an events?

You can't. Deoxys Only comes as an event Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. You would get a ferry ticket to Birth Island to catch it. There was also an event for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for a Lvl. 50 Deoxys from Gamestop. Hope I helped out a bit!

Where do you catch deoxys on pokemon leafgreen?

You catch deoxys at birth island.

Where can you catch Deoxys in Pokemon Silver?

You can't catch Deoxys in Silver..

How do you catch Deoxys in Pokemon lake?

you have to get more then 45 gym to catch legendary Pokemon! deoxys is a legendary Pokemon

Where are the best Pokemon to catch throgh out diamond?

Palkia, Lugia, Dialga, Deoxys, Mewtwo, and Mew

Pokemon diamond where is the island that you catch Deoxys?

To answer your question, Birth Island doesn't exist in DPP.

Where can you catch Deoxys in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can't catch Deoxys in soul silver

Where do you catch jirachi in Pokemon SoulSilver?

cheats. that's how.cheats or an eventyou cant you have to trade from diamond and pearl

Catch Deoxys in Pokemon Diamond?

Deoxys cannot be caught in the wild. You will need to migrate it from the Generation III games to the Pal Park or trade for it with a friend.

How do you get Deoxys in Pokemon SoulSilver no cheats?

Tp get deoxys in Pokemon soul silver migrate one from Pokemon fire red,leaf green or emerald with 5 other Pokemon Then go catch it with park balls hope this helps

How do you catch Deoxys at the space center in Pokemon ruby?

You can't. You can only catch deoxys in Pokemon firered leafgreen.

How do you catch persons Pokemon in diamond?

You can't catch anyone's Pokemon in any one of the Pokemon games made. The onlyway is to catch them on your own or to use cheats.

How do you catch Darkrai in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

i think you can only get it at a Pokemon event or with Pokemon ranger 2 (with out cheats.)

How do you get lugea in Pokemon Diamond?

u have to get an action replay, get the Pokemon modifier and pokedex cheats, then catch lugea.

How many pocket monsters can you catch in diamond without cheats?

It's commonly refered to Pokemon. In diamond, you can now catch all 493 Pokemon due to recent events.

Where you can find Deoxys in Pokemon diamond?

You can't. The only ways you can get a DEOXYS in Diamond are you hack, use an action replay or game shark, or you migrate one from Hoenn and catch it in pal park. Good day to you.

How to catch Deoxys without an event or cheats on pearl and where?

i did not catch deoxys without action replay it is really easy with action replay

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