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You can't. you have to trade from Pokemon diamond or pearl.

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I am not sure how to catch it, but happiny.

Get the egg from a fat hiker in Hearthome City.


Happiny is a Pokemon from the newest generation, Diamond; Pearl; Platinum. So you cant get happiny in Sapphire

Cynthia Has A Happiny Go And Talk To Her?? wrong. Cynthia gives you a happiny egg in pearl and diamond. in platinum, it is togepi

Im sorry, but there is no happiny egg in Pokemon platinum. You got diamond or pearl? trade from there

A Lot Of Pokemon Trainers Have Happiny But You Can Also Get A Happiny In A Hearthome City There Is A Hiker Who Will Give You An Egg,And Inside That Egg There Is A Happiny.

no man gives you a happiny platinum only in diamond and Pearl

The Pokemon that can use oval stone in Pokemon platinum is Happiny. It is the pre evolve form of chansey. Mostly every chansy you catch have a oval stone.

Happiny is in Trophy Garden as one of the Daily Pokemon.

There is a person north of scalion town that has happiny and elekid. (the trainer is a Pokemon breeder)

You find it in the Pokemon mansion. I'm not to sure but that is the place to find Happiny in diamond and pearl.

No. 96 on Pokemon Platinum Pokedex is Drowzee. This is incorrect. No. 96 on the Platinum Pokedex is Happiny.

You cant catch a happiny you have to breed a Chansey while the Chansey is holding a luck incense.

i think you get it from a hiker in harthome city.

They altered and changed a bit here and there in Platinum, and the hiker no longer gives you Happiny in Hearthome City.

The hiker (in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum) to find a Happiny will be on Route 210, South Pokemon with Breeder Kahlil.

how do you catch a mewtwo on Pokemon platinum

You can catch some in the Trophy Garden after you beat the game. Or, you can breed them.

Happiny evolves into chancy evolves into blissy.

you cannot catch the 3 regi's in Pokemon platinum you have to catch them in Pokemon emerald then transfer them to Pokemon platinum. thnx

you breed a chansey which are found in the trophy garden

the easiest way; in hearthome city, talk to a fat hiker and he will give you an egg and when that hatches then it will be a happiny.

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