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email us a complete description of the S&W, including any patent dates, caliber, number of chambers in the cylinder and type of action (tip up vs swing-out cylinder), and the serial number and I am sure we can help ID it for you.


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There have been thousands of Smith & Wesson pistols produced and the date depends on the model of the gun and then the serial number. Have a gunsmith or collector do an appraisal of the firearm and they will tell you the age.

Impossible to answer without knowing type of firearm, caliber, action, markings.

maker of the firearm and model first, then serial number

Need a DETAILE descripiton of ALL markings, type of firearm

When was 38 smith and Wesson serial number 172095

Your serial number was used by Smith and Wesson for the models 10,12,13,45,64,65,547.It dates this serial number to the year 1979.

is that the serial number of a model A ford ??? or firearm?? If a firearm, which firearms, who made it and what model............?????

What is the age of a smith Wesson pistol with a serial number of J318086

Any one of several hundred. A serial number is not unique to only one firearm, or they would be 20 numbers long. They are usually unique to a particular make and model of a given firearm. There would be only one Smith & Wesson Model 36 revolver with serial number 500, but there is a Model 37 with that same number. Sorry.

Impossible to accurately value any firearm with only the serial number. Could be 10-1000 USD

What model of firearm are we talking about with the serial number 51103?Please include the make of firearm and model number to get a answer to your question.

Only if serial number data is available

Need a a DETAILED description of ALL markings, type of action, caliber, type of firearm (handgun or rifle or shotgun),

You will need to add the model of Smith and Wesson to your serial number to get the correct year of manufacture.

No such serial number. The serial number is on the butt.

Impossible to answer. Serial numbers are not unique to only one firearm, and there is no single database of ALL firearm serial numbers.

Impossible to value with just the serial number.

age is determined by serial number...and model The company was founded in 1852 in Norwich, CT. To look up the age of a specific firearm, look up the model and serial number. Calling the company may help in this regard.

Your serial number indicates that your Smith and Wesson model 59 was made in the year 1975.

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Smith and Wesson model 15 was made in the year 1950.

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