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In most of North America the credit reporting agencies must provide you with your Credit history at NC. Not your score, just the info they base your score on.

The agencies are different based on country and state or Provence in some cases.

To actually get the needed info:Call your bank, ask them the phone numbers for the agencies in your area.

Then call them, Answer the questions and they will provide you with your credit history.

They can and will ask if you are willing to pay for your score. The three agencies in my area vary from $34 to $90. Billing for your score is 100% legal. But you do not need it!

If you do not understand why you can't get a loan based on the info be aware that to much available credit, credit cards and credit lines, is a negative. Ask your bank loan officer to explain why you have a poor credit rating or they have denied your request.

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Q: Where can you check to see what is on your credit?
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How can you check to see if a credit card is good?

just go to any bank and ask them if you can check if your credit card is good.

What are HSBC checking when they do a credit check?

When HSBC performs a credit check they are checking to see an individuals credit history. If there are instances of fraud or bad credit ratings they have the right to deny services.

What are the functions of a credit officer?

a Credit Officer will take a loan application, check out your credit, and if you qualify will see to it that your request is granted.

What is a credit reference?

A credit reference is simply a company with whom you have done business. A lender will check how you have paid this company to see if you are credit worthy.

How does one qualify for a Juniper credit card?

For qualify for a juniper credit card, you need to first check online where to fill out the information. It will want to check your credit score it see if you are applicable for this specific card.

What sites can one use to check for a clean credit report?

There are a number of sites which one can check to see if one has a clean credit report. These will be dependent on country. In the UK one can check Experian or Equifax.

What is the fastest way to view someone's credit check and where? it free and u can see all three major credit agencies

Where can one apply for a no credit auto loan locally?

Many local auto dealers will offer loans that do not require a credit check or good credit history. Check with your local auto dealers and see if they can make a deal for you.

Can a collection agency find out if you have a checking account if you dont tell them?

A collection agency (or pretty much anybody now a days) can check your credit records with all three bureaus. They will see your bank records on the credit record. You can check your own credit record to see if the bank record is there.

Where can you find no credit check apartments in Raleigh NC?

Most apartment complexes run credit checks on tenants to ensure they have a decent credit score and are apt to pay their rent. In Raleigh, NC, and anywhere else, you can call around to see who does not require a credit check.

How do I access my personal account at Virginia Educator's Credit Union?

You need to check with the credit union and see if they offer online access to your account.

Can a bill collector check to see if you are being garnished?

Yes, the information will be on the debtor's credit report.

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