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Where can you download GameShark?

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Answered 2009-11-12 06:43:52
go to and you will find cheats and save files for gamecube gameboy ds wii ps2 etc. but it is hard to find it took me 3 days to find it but it is realy good.
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Where to download n64 GameShark?

You can download Gameshark on

Do you have to download GameShark?

Gameshark does not provide a legal download of their software.

How do you place the gameshark code into Pokemon Silver?


Gameshark ds software?

hello i am the one who asked this,i mean is there anywhere i can download gameshark ds software i lost mine,and gameshark wont help me

Where to download GameShark PS one?

i dont think you can

Were can you download game shark for gba?

well just go to gameshark codes download .com

Where can you download gameshark for PC?

Gameshark is not available for the PC - many other game cheats (Trainers) already exist for the PC, and unlike Gameshark most PC Cheats are free.

Where do you go to download GameShark and im not talkinq about the website?

hello am need gameshark can no one see game hark to Mario 64?

How do you use GameShark sp with firered?

I think you need to download from the internet

Will final fantasy ps1 GameShark codes work on a ps2 GameShark?

there wouldn't be PS1 codes on a ps2 gameshark but since ps1 games work on ps2 you might be able to download ps1 cheats onto ps2 gameshark but it is doughtful since ps1 and ps2 gamesharks and gameshark codes are probably differant format

Where can you download GameShark cheats?

Go to, but you will need a GameShark and broadband Internet connection. One can also check sites such as and for said codes.

Can you download GameShark codes to your ps3?

You probably can, but I did it with my PS2, and it was slow. Like, really slow.

How can you get GameShark on a wii 4.3U?

using homebrew (letterbomb) just google it and download "gecko".

How can you download GameShark for free?

Gameshark is copyrighted software by Mad Catz Interative Inc. You cannot download it legally, any version. Please note that this does not include "codes" that are available on their website for free, as well as some 'cheat files' that are to be used with their products.

If you get a N64 gameshark and download super Mario 64 on the Wii can you use the gameshark on the Wii?

you cant because you need a usb geko to use cheats for wii and thouse are in the uk...

I have corrupted 2 Pokemon games using my gba gameshark How do you actually use a gameshark with gba?

an emulator lol. download one they are pretty cool, hard to use but cool

How can you download the gameshark on wwwgamesharkcom?

umm, you don't. plug it into your gamesystem, then enter in your codes that you can get off the internet.

Where can you download cheats for Game Boy emulators?

I don't know if you can download them but you can find the gameshark(c) codes and imput them manualy. Check what codes you can use on it.

Where can you download PS2 memory cards?

You don't download memory cards, you buy them. If you mean the files for games however, check sites like Gameshark etc..

Can you download Gameshark on your computer for free?

No, but if you own a gameboy/gameboy advance and wish to use gameshark on the computer, you may use a gameboy/gameboy advance emulator which usually comes with gameshark capability which allows you to enter codes to the game. BE WARNED of downloading illegal roms.

How do you use gameshark on GBC emulator like KiGB?

You have to download the Emulator Enhancer.

How do you download event Pokemon on Project Pokemon?

You can't download event Pokemon, the only way is to go to an event or either trade online or with someone who has it. also gameshark to cheat

How do you get the old sea chart without gameshark on emerald?

The only way is to attend to the Nintendo Event and download it from Mystery Gift

How do you use the code generator on GameShark?

You press a 4 times close your and repeat the words 'gameshark gameshark help me cheat, gameshark gameshark give me cheats

Using gameshark codes without gameshark?

no you must have a gameshark to use gameshark code because there is no other way to enter them into the console but if you get a gameshark then many codes come downloaded on them so you don't have to type them in GET GAMESHARK THEY ARE AWSOME