Where can you download free music or games for your iPod that is not illegal?

www.mydownloads.com has free downloads of non-copyrighted music or music that the artist has given permission for a free download. Downloading copyrighted music without a release from the artist or paying a fee is illegal, period. Lots of independent record labels offer free and legal downloads of their artists' music, usually one or two songs per artist. The MySpace page of a band is also a good source. If they post a downloadable track on their own site, they're allowing you to have a legal copy. Finally, there are a lot of MP3 blogs out there. Most of them offer music for sample listening that is not strictly legal to own. However, some of them specialize in linking you to legal tracks. Of those, the two I would start with are *SIXEYES and LargeHearted Boy. They both have a lot of variety, frequent postings, and legal download links. In short, there's a TON of legal music out there. You just have to 0look in the right places. == == === === Downloading copyrighted games without a release from the maker or paying a fee is illegal, period.