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Try iTunes or whatever tool you use to download. The song is by the now defunct UK girl group, Mis-teeq and the song is Scandalous.

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Q: Where can you download the Armani code for women commercial?
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Who is the girl in the Armani code commercial?

Mini Anden

Who is the man in the armani code commercial for Giorgio Armani?

The guy in the Armani "Code" commercial, which features the song "Scandalous" by Misteeq, is Venezuelan model Enrique Palacios, and the girl is Swedish model Mini Anden.

Who is the man in the Armani code commercial with Megan Fox for Giorgio Armani?

chris folz. aka brosideon

Who created the song in the Armani code commercial?

Mis-teeq Scandalous

Who is the model in the Armani code for men commercial?

Polish model Anja Rubik

Where can one purchase Armani Code perfume for men?

One can purchase Armani Code for men from department stores and Boots. Armani has also released perfumes for women. Armani Code is Í—‘_Í_‘£57 for a 75ml bottle of the eau de toilette from Debenhams. Georgio Armani is also a Fashion Designer.

What is the dress of the women on the Armani Code commercial for Giorgio Armani?

AnswerIt should be from the Armani collection. i am trying to find it too but since the advert was displayed in 2006 it makes it more difficult to find the dressIt's Armani Prive, so it's not available over the internet. It might be worth booking an appointment at an Armani shop, but you'll probably have to go to Milan for proper fittings

What does the tattoo say in the Armani code commercial?

we will all laugh (the rest i cant read, can any one else )

What is the name of the song in the Armani Code Sport commercial?

It's called Encom Part 1 by Daft Punk. Search it on YouTube.

Where can one purchase Armani Code perfume for women?

If one wishes to purchase Armani Code perfume for women it is widely available in the cosmetic department of quality department stores. This can be found at Sears, Macy's and Nordstrom. One can also find this perfume online on sites such as eBay and Amazon.

Where to buy the new Armani code perfume?

Visiting the fragrance section of Armani's website will show all new and older colognes for women and men. You can order online or locate a store near you.

What is the music from the Armani code for men advert called?

The music from the armani code for men is a remix of One night in New York City by The Horrorist.

Who is the Armani code female model?

Kendra Spears

What cologne does Rick Ross wear?

Rick Ross wears Armani Code

Who sings the music on the mens Armani code advert?

Interpol - Slow Hands

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Where can one find an Armani Exchange coupon?

Coupons for Armani Exchange can be found at RetailMeNot, AnyCodes, DealNews and DealCatcher. The Armani Exchange website has promotional code that can be used for discounts on items purchased at the site or for free shipping.

When was Uniform Commercial Code created?

Uniform Commercial Code was created in 1952.

What is the song on the Armani code advert December 2011?

It's DJ by Amanda Blank

In what year was Code for men by Armani released?

Code for men by Armani was released in 2004. It is a well known product by the famous name in fashion and perfumery, Giorgio Armani. The Armani fashion house was established in 1975. Mr Armani has made a mark in the fashion industry and the brand name is recognized and well-known all over the world as a symbol of sophistication and elegance. Its first perfume was launched in 1981 and since it has hit the perfume industry and given everlasting scents.

How can you tell if a Giorgio Armani watch is real or not?

All authentic Giorgio Armani watches come with a unique serial code that is never repeated. They also come with valid warranties.

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