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That is ILLEGAL!!!!

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Q: Where can you download the Rock vs Goldberg Backlash match for free?
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Who won in the rock vs goldberg?

Goldberg he actually dominated the match.

Is goldburg returning to WWE in 2011?

possibly bill goldberg the rock hasn't put a match out of his mind and triple h is a mystery opponent for sheamus at extreme rules

Who was Chris Rock influenced by?

Whoopi Goldberg

When is the rock coming back to the WWE?

hes coming back in 2010 at backlash

How many times has stone cold beat the rock?

Stone Cold beat the Rock 3 times Stone cold beat the rock 4 times out of a 5 match history stone cold beat the rock at wrestlemania and backlash 1999 also wrestlemania 2001 and rebelion 2001. The rock only managed to beat Austin 1 on 1 wrestlemania 19

What is the name of the WWE Backlash 2008 theme song?

The theme song to the WWE Pay Per View, Backlash 2008 was " All Summer Long " Kid Rock.

When did Goldberg turn heel?

March 31, 2003 when he attacked the Rock

When did the Rock retire from the WWE?

1998 No hes wrong, the rock left Active wrestling (which is full time btw) in 2002 after his summerslam match with brock lesnar for the wwe title he came back in Feburary 2003 for a match with hulk hogan at No Way Out, a match with stone cold at Wreslemania XIX, After that he went to his last match as a singles wrestler at Backlash against Goldberg he said he was "taking a break" but he came back the next year for 1 match against Evolution at Wrestlemania 20 with mick foley hes back now in 2012 and has had 2 matches s ince his return at Wrestlemania 27 your wrong cause he retired from wwe and went to ecw and came back in 2003.he came back in wrestlemania 27 in 2012 to fight cena. he came back in january of this year. he is going to fight punk at the rumble

Will there be a ryback vs goldberg match at WrestleMania 29?

If Goldberg returns early next year, then I would assume WWE will automatically set up a feud into a match at Wrestlemania 29. But first, Ryback has to remain undefeated! He can't lose to anyone or else those plans are likely to be cancelled. But, Goldberg himself has to be in great condition, sort of like the Rock, and the build-up has to be planned big, to where both guys are shown in promos and the match is credited as undefeated, even though Goldberg may have lost quite a few times. However, I doubt Goldberg would return as a full time wrestler, and they need Ryback considering he's an actual in ring performer, so I see Rybach winning this one! Now as for younger fans, most of them might not recongnize who Goldberg is, which is why they need promos to help build up the hype, if they successfully do this, it will no doubt be one of the greatest wrestlemania matches of all time!

Who won the match with john cena vs the miz vs the rock?

The Miz & The Rock wasn't a part of the match

Was the rock vs john cena match fixed?

yes the match between cena and rock was 100% fixed

Will Goldberg or The Rock come back to the WWE?

It would be cool if Goldberg came back,but he's not going too. And it would be cool if The Rock came back too but he's not going too because he's doing fine as an actor.

From were can you download camp rock songs?

you can download them at

Is it true that the Rock will have a match at WrestleMania24?


What are facts about rube goldberg?

Rube Goldberg could eat rock solid-flaming tomatoes while climbing in a swimming pool while upside down on a T-Rex. :D

What type of match did hulk hogan and the rock have at WrestleMania 18?

your momma match

Who won the WWE wresiling match john cena or the rock?

the rock

Who won the match between rock vs john cena?

The Rock

Who will win in a wrestling match Ryback or The Rock?

no the rock would win

Has goldberg ever lost a match?

no Bill Goldberg had not lost a match cleanly.but he had a match with triple h in which triple h cheated . I'm not associated with the first answer. This answer is incorrect. Goldberg lost 2 one on one matches in wcw. The first to Kevin Nash and the second to Booker T. These were non disqualification matches so legally he did lose both matches. In the WWE he lost one match, it was the elimination chamber match which was also non disqualification. Clean takes on a new meaning when the rules change. He has never lost a standard fair wrestling match though. Which I think is stupid. Goldberg is not a very entertaining wrestler to watch and he has absolutely no mic skills which is part of the entertainment factor. They always made it look too easy for Goldberg which makes quite a boring wrestling match. Is he a good wrestler, sure, he's probably the best of all time, but keep in mind wrestling is Choreographed and the only reason he won was because the writers had him win. The same could be said for Shawn Michaels and HHH who are Vince McMahon's favorites. Here is my list of the best wrestlers of all time and entertainment value as well as wrestling factors in. 1. Hulk Hogan 2. Bill Goldberg 3. The Undertaker 4. Sting 5. The Nature Boy Ric Flair 6. Diamond Dallas Page 7. Rey Mysterio J.R. 8. Chris Jericho 9. John Cena 10. The Rock

What was the theme song for wwe backlash?

there and back again - Daughtry - 07 all summer long - Kid Rock - 08

Was Bill Goldberg at WWE Backlash?

FACTIONS!!no he wasnt i heard hes comming back for a new storyline son is the rock Steve Austin and may more its a faction storyline!!!! iknow this because lets say i wrok with wwe cuz i look it up alot say thx for the help PS brock lesnar will be back also

Can you download any songs onto rock band 2?

No. The only way to download songs for Rock Band is through the Rock Band store.

Has The Rock ever lost a wrestling match in Miami?

Yes he has Do you have a specific match that he lost?

Who won at WrestleMania 18 in a match between the rock and hulk hogan?

The Rock