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these r sm links try it

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โˆ™ 2013-08-02 10:50:25
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Q: Where can you download tna impact ps2?
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How do you caw in tna impact game on ps2?

You cant CAW in the TNA game for PS2. Just for the PS3 and XBOX360.

What is the action button for ps2 on tna impact?


Is TNA impact the video game for ps2?

Yes there is a PS2 version of thegame

What tna games are there?

just TNA impact for the xbox 360 ps3 wii and ps2

How do you do a finisher on tna impact ps2?

You cant. Its one of the biggest complaints about the game.

Is tna impact video game for PS2?

yes it does look it up!! :p

How do you tag your partner in tna impact?

For the PS3 it is R1 and O and for the PS2 it is L1 and O.

Can you create a superstar in tna impact?

Yes you can create superstars in TNA iMPACT but this feature is only available in XBox360 version not in PS2 versions. you can have formula for superstars from here:

When will tna impacts come out?

tna impact came out on the 9th of September in 2008 for the ps2,ps3,wii and xbox 360 however tna impact cross the line came out on the 21st of June 2010 for the psp and the ds.

How do you exucute a finishing move on tna impact the video game for ps2?

get them in a lockup and press circle

How do you Irish whip a person on tna impact on ps2?

tha awnser is l1 and triangle+away

Is TNA TNA inpact?

no is tna impact

What is tna impact?

TNA Impact is a professional wrestling television program.

Is their a tna video game?

yeh their is 2 video games, tna impact and tna impact cross the line.

How can you download people to tna impact?

you can't it's not smackown vs raw 2010 u know

Is there going to be a TNA Impact 2?

If you mean tna impact 2 game then yes but there isn't going to be another tna impact 2 programme.

How do you download a mod for ps2?

how do you download a mod for ps2

What are the release dates for TNA Impact Wrestling - 2004 TNA iMPACT 4 16 2009 5-16?

TNA Impact Wrestling - 2004 TNA iMPACT 4 16 2009 5-16 was released on: USA: April 2009

Are there belts in the new tna impact?

TNA Legends Title

Where can you download TNA for free?

You can download TNA for free on Limewire which is a program that you can download off the internet. Just go to

How do you do your finisher on tna impacted PS2?

no idea u idiot no1 has a ps2 anymore

How much does tna impact cost on xbox 360?

demonte hw much does tna impact cost

Is TNA Impact on channel 241 for Direct TV?

Yes, TNA Impact is on channel 241 for DirecTV.

Is tna impact on wendsday a 9?

its there 2nd show they do and no tna impact is only on sundays and tuesdays only.

TNA Impact Game Ultimate X Match controls ps2?

how do you get on the rope for the X match and then how do you grab the case? L1 AND CIRCLE THEN TO GET IT IS TRIANGLE AND CIRCLE